22 January 2016

Free For All Friday No. 375 by Anita

I admit that I'm in a bit of a mess in my main Filofax at the moment.
After having had the flu in December, I still feel like I'm catching up with everything, including notes to process in my main binder. I wouldn't call it planner fail, more lack of user input. I realised that things were not in their normal state when I couldn't remember where my Dundee was the other week! This was a proper blank moment as it had been so long since I last used it. I had planned to try out a different system from the new year, but I think it makes sense to stick with what's familiar to me whilst I'm catching up on my backlogs.

How have you been getting on with your set up this year so far?

It's Friday, so feel free to discuss anything Filofax or ring bound planner related. Have a great weekend.


  1. I switched from Day-Per-Page to Week-Per-View-Horizontal in my (mein) personal binder this year and still feel quite comfortable with it.

    But I must admit that my accompanying slimline planner does not work so well. I simply need something slightly smaller. So I am now thinking about some Flex solution (slim or pocket).

    When looking into the 2005 Filofax Time Management Catalogue, my eyes stopped at the Pocket Companion. This seems to be some predecessor to the "Flex by Filofax" system. Can anyone provide more information about the Pocket Companion?

    1. Of cause the personal binder is my main (not "mein") planner.

    2. Dirk - The Pocket Companion was part of the Time Management range. As the TM binders were A5, the Pocket Companion was produced for when out of the office. You can read all about the system on my post of 19th March 2015 http://philofaxy.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/guest-post-by-tim-edwards-part-2.html?m=1 .

      The Pocket Companion was dropped in 2007 and the entire range two years later. The Flex by Filofax design was heavily borrowed from Time Manager International (TMI) and launched in 2011. It has been in gradual decline for sometime with no Flex academic diaries after the first year, no diaries at all in 2015 and now no year planners either.

  2. I figured out I liked the WO2P vertical set up, but it doesn't quite work for a personal size. So I have MO2P, WO1P, and DO1P so I can see where I am each day. WO1P is really just an overview. Not a lot of room to make day to day notes on. I'm enjoying it. It's helping me stay organized.

  3. After 20+ years I moved this year from a WO2P or WO1P horizontal setup to DO1P. It suits me well, but being home on sick leave this week and the next five weeks I am not doing much with it except noting in when I take my medications. I will be busier towards the end of March so I should know then if this format suits me. I do appreciate the extra space I have to write notes.

  4. My set up in both my A5 and pocket is going rather slowly. It was only just last weekend that I went through my 2015 pages to tease out highlights for my 2015 reference page. ( I keep things like 'replaced tires in March' or list out all the books and Bible studies I read/completed). And tonight, it was my intent to thin out my sections and streamline my dividers from 9 to 6. But, as the snow and ice started to accumulate, I got sucked into a Dateline 'who done it' and got sleepy.

    I'm telling myself I'll get to my Filofaxes tomorrow and will be able to finally check that box off my list.

  5. I am using my week insert that I designed last year for my Franklin pocket binder. In my Franklin binder I replaced the Filofax personal dividers with brown ink with a different set because I trimmed the Filofax ones too short in width. When I find a shorter pocket binder I will place my week insert and the Filofax dividers in it with modification. The shorter binder will be more convenient in some meetings and errands. I prefer to use the same insert in two binders.

  6. Because my life currently is more task oriented, I've designed my W2P to reflect that. The left hand page is setup with horizontal M-F. Saturday and Sunday have the same size space on the right hand page. The remainder of the page can be used for mind mapping projects, bullet journaling, doodling, decorating or whatever. I designed this for my FC Compact Boston, but trimmed down, it also works for my FF Original. I love switching between the two, and these inserts work in both. I also really like Cori Large's idea of M2P, W1P, and D1P. When life gets busier, this would work.

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