20 January 2016

Is this real?

I quite often get messaged with links asking me 'Is this real?' the link will take me to an Ebay sale or similar and the photos will often be enough for me to determine if a particular organiser is what it is described as. 

As I've said in the past Ebay sellers quite often mis-describe things as A6, A5 and they are describing the size of the organiser not the page size. I think it is due to the sellers lack of knowledge not a genuine deception. Quite often you can message them and point out the error and they will correct it.

This week though I was sent one that looked like a Gillio organiser. Now in fairness to the seller, there was no mention of Gillio in their advert, but the photos prompted me to point out the obvious tell tail signs of how to spot the real deal rather than a cheap copy.

The item was described as follows:
Filofax style Planner  £90
Genuine leather personal size no named planner
Features zipper pocket plus two pockets.
Front and back secretarial pockets.
5 credit card slots.
Full length back pocket
Leather flyleaf.
Comes with dust bag, note paper and page marker.
So as you can see it only refers to a 'Filofax style planner' and it does indicate further as being a 'no name planner' i.e. no makers name on it. So a very honest and accurate description.

So what did it look like?

Now to look at a real Gillio. 

So what are the obvious differences to look for? 

The first obvious difference is the missing logo on the business card pocket on the front inside cover. 

So what else?
  • The rings are either bolt in or riveted in, notice the difference in the cover to the ring mechanism, which you can see in the third picture. Gillio ones are not of this type at all they lock on to lugs underneath so there is no visible fixings on the cover plate.  
  • The stitching around the credit card slots are not as tight to the edge of the slots themselves. The picture below is what you would expect to see. 

  • The quality of the stitching as well, as can be seen in the photo above the evenness and the tightness of the stitching on the real product is very fine. 
  • The zipper tag these are now generally a normal metal tag, but when in the past they have been leather the shape tends to be rectangular, but the method of stitching can vary. But generally they don't have the leather tab any more. 

  • The lining inside the pockets of a true Gillio organiser would also be a good indicator. Whilst we can't see them on the example from Ebay I suspect they wouldn't be of the same sort of material as used in at Gillio organiser which is a thin synthetic but realistic leather like material. 
So these are the obvious visible things to look for. Clearly if you held it in your hand you might notice the difference in the thickness of the leather and the feel of the leather in terms of quality and touch. 

If in doubt do not buy the item, or ask an expert if you are unsure. Contact Gillio themselves, they are always happy to help. They will know of other pointers too things hidden from normal view to look for as well. 

Whilst this post has concentrated on Gillio because of the example on sale, the same can be said for other makes of organisers too. 

Compare the item for sale to known genuine items, get a second or third opinion if in doubt. Ask the seller for more details, more photographs as well. An honest seller will not have any issues with this.  

Happy hunting...


  1. That pink croc is gorgeous!!! In the eBay seller's defense, they may not know about all the different styles of planners. Or may not know where to look for the brand. I bought a used personal size planner from a thrift store, and because I know where to look for brands I searched every part of this planner. No name. No brand.

    What I'm trying to say is it's not always the seller intention to misrepresent. They honestly may not know what they have. They're describing the item to the best of their ability.

  2. Excellent posts, for both buyers and sellers.