11 January 2016

Paper for my A6 organiser

I'm enjoying using my A6 organisers, the size feels more natural to me.

I have been able to get an ample supply of plain A6 from our friends 'The Stationery Emporium' in Scotland at a very reasonable price. I have used this plain paper for printing various inserts such as my diary inserts and other 'essentials'

However, I'm always on the look out for other things that will work with A6 size that is available locally, ideally in my local stationery shop or supermarket. I think the staff have got used to me going around with a small ruler measuring various notebooks and other paper items for size!

Rhodia pads are very commonly available here in France, they come in a variety of size and formats (plain, lined, quadrille). The paper is excellent quality too (80gsm - 21.3 lb) Their 'Bloc' note pads are simple and inexpensive. They have a stapled header and a stiff card backing, the pages are perforated for easy removal.

Looking at the on-line catalogue I noticed that the Bloc Rhodia No. 13 is A6 sized, but unfortunately when you tear out a page the resultant page is shorter than A6, but the correct width.

So back to the catalogue... the Rhodia No. 14 is labelled as 'A6+' so I purchased one for the princely sum of €1.09 for an 80 sheet pad. It is labelled as 11,0 x 17,0 cm (110x170mm) and A6 is 105 x148 mm.

As you can see when a page is torn out the resulting 'page' is in fact the same height as A6 and only fractionally wider than A6, if the extra 5mm bothered you it wouldn't be difficult to trim the page or the pad down in width.

However, given that my notes on this sort of pad/paper would likely be not in my organiser for very long, I would most probably use it as it is and not go to the trouble of trimming it.

The lined pads aren't available locally, and on-line stores in France seem to only want to sell them in packs of 10 pads! So I want to try this quadrille one out first before I order a stack of 10 pads.

Our detailed summary post on all things A6 is here: A6 in summary

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  1. I love that your local stationary shop is used to you measuring stuff. I started doing that in my local office supply store and had three different people come up to me asking if they could help. No, thanks. I have a ruler. hahaha