06 January 2016

Reader Under The Spotlight - Victoria

Today I would like to introduce you to Victoria

Victoria Musgrave is a writer and her writing has appeared in numerous publications, including Mabel, Bella Grace and the Globe and Mail. When she isn’t writing, she likes to explore her home city on her bicycle with camera at hand. She blogs at www.victoriamusgrave.com.

1. When did you buy your first organiser and what was it?

I bought my first planner when I was in university in the mid-90s. It was a Collins A5 planner that was sold at Staples stores in Canada. I used that planner, along with their range of inserts until Staples abrupt stopped carrying Collins. I bought my first Filofax in 2012, an A5 Chameleon in red.

2. What other brands have you used or considered using?

I’ve used Moleskine, Day Runner, Day Timer and generic bound planners. I’ve also used a Midori Traveler’s Notebook. I really wanted to love it, but I like having pages that move around and a book that lies flat.

3. Out of the organisers you own which is your current favourite (Style and Size)?

My favourite is still my first planner, the A5 Chameleon.

4. How many Filofax or other brands of organisers do you own?

I own three Filofaxes - the A5 Chameleon, a black A5 Amazona, a black personal Sketch, and a brown leather personal-sized binder that was made by Roots (a Canadian leather goods company). I used to own a personal size Malden in vintage pink, but I just didn’t love it, so I used the Adspot area on Philofaxy to sell it to a woman in Florida who was over the moon to have it.

5. What is the oldest organiser in your collection?

The Roots binder is the oldest in my collection. The model was discontinued years ago, so it is quite precious to me.

6. What do you use your organisers for?

The A5 Chameleon holds my calendar (monthly and week on two pages). The Amazona holds my business notes. The Roots binder holds note paper and business card pockets. The Sketch holds spare inserts.

7. How many sections do you have in your organiser and what is each section used for?

In my A5 Chameleon, I have just two sections: calendar and notes. I organize my business in the A5 Amazona, so I have 6 sections: blog posts ideas, writing projects, e-book ideas, e-course notes, marketing ideas and admin (income, expense, etc.) The Roots binder has no sections, just note paper, business card holders, and a pen in the pocket.

8. What was the feature about Filofax you like most?

I love that is flexible, stylish and portable. It is just so classy.

9. If you could design your own Filofax what would it feature?

I would make the card pockets that appear on the inside front cover wide enough to store business cards instead of credit cards, as I don’t use my Filofax as a wallet.

10. How do you carry your Filofax?

The two A5s stay at home most of the time as I find them too heavy to carry around. The Roots binder travels with me. I just toss it into my purse. It zips closed and is made of tough leather, so it can handle a lot. It looks better and better as it ages. I don’t mind if my Filofaxes look used, because I use them!

11. Which Filofax in the current range do you like the most? Are you going to buy it?

I love the Original and I’m currently lusting after the Union Jack and dark red models. I just might give them to myself as a present!

12. What is the most you have ever spent on a Filofax or other brand of organiser? Which model?

I spent the most on my A5 Chameloen. I think it was about $140 CDN at Laywine’s in Toronto. I got my other Filofaxes at the discount store Winners, but they don’t seem to  carry Filofax anymore. The Roots binder was a gift.

13. What's your favourite Filofax tip or hack?

Personal size paper fits nicely onto the rings of an A5 binder, you just have to fold over a corner. This means I can take notes in my personal size planner and just pop them into my A5 without having to rewrite anything.

14. Turning to Philofaxy, what do you like the most?

I love the product reviews and learning how others are using their Filofaxes through the Reader in the Spotlight features.

15. And what do you not like about Philofaxy?

Well, I think Philofaxy is great so it is hard to find something I don’t like! Although, it would be nice if Philofaxy were Pinterest-friendly.

16. What was the last music track you downloaded or bought?

I downloaded “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten. It is my personal anthem right now.

17. Have you ever attended a Philofaxy meet-up? if not do you intend to one day?

I haven’t attended a Philofaxy meet-up but would love to participate the next time one happens in Toronto, Canada.

18. What was the last movie you watched?

I rarely watch movies, but I did see Maleficent on DVD recently and loved it. It was a cool take on the Sleeping Beauty story.

19. What was the last book you read?

I just finished reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (like half the world it seems). It is a great, practical take on bringing creativity into our daily lives.

Thank you Victoria.

As you know we are always looking for new people to appear in our 'Reader Under Spotlight feature, you don't have to be 'well known' or a long term user to be considered to appear in this 'spot'.

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  1. On question 9 - like paper sizing, the different size of business cards around the world makes it impossible to make a standard size business card pocket. In Europe, most business cards have long been 85mm x 55mm - similar to credit cards. In the USA and Canada they are 3.5" x 2" (89mm x 51mm) which is why they don't always fit.

  2. Hi Tim! Thanks for the info! I didn't realize that business cards were a different size in Europe - but of course that makes sense as paper is sized differently. (A4 vs. 8.5 X11). Planners designed for the North American market, such as Day Timer, have pockets wide enough for business cards. I prefer the design and quality of Filofax.

  3. Nice to meet you Victoria!!!

  4. Nice to "meet" you - maybe we'll meet a the next Toronto meetup.

    I have the Pocket Chameleon in red, it's one of my favorites. I use it as a travel wallet, planner and journal combo.

    Is the A5 supple like the Pocket, or stiffened?

  5. I'm late to the conversation, but it is nice to meet you.