24 January 2016

Readers Favourite Organiser - Jane

Thank you to Jane  for sharing with us her favourite organiser. 

I'm Jane a working mom, I've been using a planner  since I was in college, I always see my friends who have their envy worth filo.. Since it was kinda pricey in my days I settled for a generic planner.

Planners help me a lot in my daily task both as a mom and a entrepreneur, I need to balance work and family time and still have my own "me time"..

1. What is your favorite planner?

Any ringed planner, but honestly I'm loving my Personal Filofax Original Burnt Orange.

2. How long have you owned it? 

For about 4 months now.

3. What is it that you like about it so much?

It's sturdy and lays flat, it's the right size to carry all day everyday in my tote.. And it's leather!!!

4. Do you use it all the time?

Yes, all the time..

5. Do you think the design could be improved in any way? How?

A slightly large rings perhaps..  Although I managed to squeeze in all my important stuff.. A few mm wouldn't hurt.

And here are some photographs of my favourite organiser.

Thank you Jane

If you would like to share with us the details of your favourite organiser, please contact steve @ philofaxy dot com 


  1. Love the little glasses tab on the last photo. So cute. I love the originals too. I've seen the burnt orange in real life and it's a beauty. I have a Fluro and the Union Jack original. Glad to see it is a favorite!

  2. Hi Jane, love your Burnt Orange. I have the Pillarbox Red. The Originals seem to be my favorites. Larger rings and a longer strap to accommodate a Frixion pen and a highlighter would be great. +1 for the glasses tab. :)

  3. Your fold out monthlies are very interesting. Did you do them yourself? Very nice. When the orange came out I lusted after it until is was available. Yours photographs very pretty. I returned mine as the color seemed a bit too caramel for my tastes, but yours is inspiring a bit of envy! Thank you for sharing your planner.

    You use your front card slots like I do. Top for military ID and my bottom slot is for my debit card (since I use it so frequently). Very handy. I agree about the longer strap. That is my pet peeve with my Original. Have to say I am not a fan of the large pen loop as I prefer skinnier pens and pencils. Attached a Leuchttrum pen loop to the transparent envelope I keep in the back.

    My Pillarbox Red has been in everyday use for 10 months now. Love it!