05 August 2016

Free For All Friday No. 403 by Anita

Apart from a couple of brief breaks, I have been using a Filofax for seven years now.
I just can't imagine going back to how I used to be using random scraps of paper, or switching between multiple partially started notebooks. I first came across Filofax and the Philofaxy site after doing a search for 'refillable leather notebook' and I was quickly drawn in!  

How did you come across the community or start using a binder? 

And as always, it's Friday so please feel free to discuss anything ring organiser related.

Have a great weekend.


  1. A 1995 article in Mademoiselle on Filofax began my planner journey. But it was in 2014 when I came across the Bullet Journal system that led me to discover there were videos and communities dedicated to not just this but planners as well

  2. I started using a Filofax back in 1986.... BI... Before Internet! also BP Before Philofaxy! I used it until about 1991 or may be 1992 but I drifted off in to using electronic PDA's until 2005 when I had to go back to using a Filofax... the same one I had bought back in 1986!

    By chance one day I did discover Philofaxy in about 2008 doing a Google search for something. By this time I was then using an A5 Finsbury I had bought because it was easier for me to be able to print inserts for it.

    I then started creating some of my own inserts because I discovered that Filofax had changed so much in those 15 or so years!

    I became aware of Filofax from a Sunday Times article back in the 1980's, I also discovered a shop near to where I worked in Kingsway in London stocked the full range so I used to go there to decipher the catalogue.

    I also remember visiting City Organiser when they had a shop in Canary Wharf in the late 1990's when the HQ of my organisation moved to Docklands.

    Before Facebook there was and still is a Filofax Yahoo group, although it is totally inactive these days.

  3. I can't remember... That's terrible isn't it!

  4. I got into Filofax in the 1980s after seeing them in Heffers bookshop in Cambridge and Osbornes stationers in Birmingham. And Philifaxy was a natural destination later on when I wondered why the products had changed so much.

  5. I got my first binder system through a business seminar in 1992, then discovered Franklin Covey in 1993. Got my first Filofax in 2014, and now have a happy mix of both systems. True Frankenstein-planner.