11 August 2016

The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Plannerverse - Episode 24

Defining the important things from the urgent things

URGENT! No, not really. NO! It’s URGENT! DO IT NOW!

How do you define the importance of to-dos and layout a strategic plan for planning? Join the gruesome twosome in figuring out these details in the Plannerverse. 

Nothing we say can be used against us, unless of course, it’s urgent.

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Show Notes (timings approximate)
00:00 - Introductions
01:00 - Prioritising things
01:10 - The Eisenhower quadrant
03:00 - Article on the website - Art of Manliness
03:45 - Demands on our time
07:00 - Your decisions on a daily basis
07:45 - Distinguishing the important and the non-important issues in life
08:30 - Working towards goals
10:00 - Weekly planning
11:15 - Assigning tasks to days
12:30 - Small and permanent habit changes
14:15 - Quadrant four time wasters
15:00 - Breaking down the big tasks/projects to make them acheiveable
17:15 - Assigning priorities to tasks in a paper planner
18:00 - Splitting tasks throughout the year.
19:30 - Delegating tasks
19:50 - Omnifocus
21:00 - Putting tasks in to contexts
22:15 - Bullet Journalling
23:30 - Parallel and consecutive tasks
25:30 - Train yourself from living in quadrant 3 and 4
26:45 - Dive in to a book or listen to our podcasts when you want to have 'time out'
28:00 - Steve's homework for this week!
29:45 - Tip of the week

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Episode 24 - Defining the important things from the urgent things

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Presenters - Karine Tovmassian and Steve Morton
Editing and production - Steve Morton

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  1. This episode is probably my favorite!

  2. Some very interesting and useful points, I will research a little on the Eisenhower quadrant as it seems like a nice system to put into practice. Even though I'm very organised, keep my planners up to date and am on top of my tasks I still find myself procrastinating a lot. Thanks for another great podcast!

  3. Loved the episode too, but not all of us can delegate or outsource the urgent busywork. What I do to keep it at bay is that I do it mainly in the late afternoon, when I am not very productive anyway. For example I am responding to emails not first thing in the morning, but in the hour before I leave the office. This motivates me to keep it short and efficient, so that I don't have to stay in longer. For a series of necessary phonecalls I would leave the office and go for a walk with them -since reference information is in my planner I don't need to be at my desk.