08 August 2016

Second Annual Bath Filofax Meet Up – Saturday 6th August 2016

Thank you to David for sending in the details of this great meet up. 

It was on one of the warmest and most beautiful Saturdays of 2016 so far that seven of us gathered at Pizza Express in Barton Street, Bath for the second annual Bath Filofax meet up: Anita, Rose (newly returned to Filofax use after a long break), Joe, Kate, Isabel, Cindy and myself.

Although many of us were strangers to one another, in no time we were like old friends, as Filofaxes and other planners were passed around the table and admired, coveted or commented on. Pizza Express had given us a table downstairs in the quieter area of the restaurant, which was perfect for us to talk and exchange ideas about systems, ways of working and general chit-chat.

In due course, having eaten, we moved on to Woods the Stationers, who have one of the best stocked Filofax sections in the South West (not to mention Leuchtturm 1917, every kind of Moleskine, Collins, Letts etc etc) – I think the staff were a little surprised to find seven ‘enthusiasts’ heading straight for the back of the shop with the look of being ‘on a mission’!

Various items of stationery and pens were bought before we moved on yet again, this time to Waterstones, whose Bath shop has an excellent upstairs coffee house. We were fortunate to find that they also have a long central table which was recently vacated, so we were able to sit for a further 30 minutes or so before finally splitting up.

One or two of our group had heard that Ryman in Bath also have a good Filofax section (maybe spurred on by competition from Woods?), so they went off to investigate. Perhaps they will leave comments to confirm this. Others went to WH Smith and then, gradually, we dispersed.

Once again, it was a great day, and a great time of conversation, good food and great company, and we look forward to welcoming you all to the THIRD Annual Filofax Meetup in 2017!


  1. Hi David, Cindy and I went to Ryman's before the meet up. They sell the same range of Filofax as their Cwmbran and Cheltenham branches so guess they are sold through all of their shops. They have sold them for years, just can't say how many.

  2. I'm sure a good time was had by all. Bath is a favorite of mine, as well as the magnificent cathedral at Wells. I'd like a return visit.

  3. Ohhh, sounds like you all had a great time. I was in Bath the summer of 1990 (beautiful memories).

  4. Thanks for arranging the meet up, David. It was lovely to meet everyone :)