09 August 2016

Free For All Tuesday No 288


  1. I have been taken up with disc binders. I bought a William Hannah (amongst others!) I decided to buy the pen loop at the same time. Does anyone else find it kinks the paper as the paper lies slightly over it. It makes it a tad difficult to write at the point where the pen loop is. I have not quite decided to take a craft knife to it so removed it from the binder whilst I reflect.

  2. I am looking for an A5 notebook/notepad with pre-punched holes. I would like to start using my A5 for work, but I don't necessarily want to carry the whole thing to meetings. If there were something akin to a Moleskine but with holes punched and perforated pages, that would be ideal. I have seen the Clickbook and I'm not that impressed. Thanks for any ideas!

  3. Hi Emily. What about the Oxford Activebook with pre-punched, detachable pages?

    1. Hey Joelle, I am not familiar but I will do some googling. Thanks!