12 August 2016

Free For All Friday No 404 by Laurie

I suppose it happens to all of us sooner or later: after a certain age, the eyesight isn't as clear as it once was, and your page size (and therefore your binder size) needs an upgrade so you can read your handwriting. Or, I've seen many planner people who have had a neck or back injury and needed to downsize their binder so they could continue to carry it with them.

Have you had to up- or downsize your planner due to eyesight, physical reasons, or other reasons? Let's have a support group for those of us who have to alter our planner use to accommodate our changing physical situations!

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything ring-binder related!


  1. I have recently had problems with cataracts, which means I am sticking to my A4 or A5 Filofaxes rather than anything smaller. In addition,
    some inserts are impossible to see correctly. I wrote to Filofax asking if they could go back to the older-style layouts where the dates are much clearer, and they said they would give it some thought.
    I started out with Personal sized Filofaxes, and used a Pocket-sized one for a while, but now need much bigger inserts to accommodate my large handwriting and to be able to see the dates on the pages.
    I think Filofax need to be more aware of eyesight problems and make their inserts clearer - I am 60, and while I was one of the younger people have a cataract operation, I am certainly not the youngest or the only one who needs to be able to see the dates on our inserts without squinting.

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  3. I have to agree. I use mine for work and home. It's an A4 size and I worried about it being too big and thought maybe I should use a personal size. Now that I am using it, I realize what my eyes tell me. I also have a phone and use a larger screen. I am only 48 but I can't stand squinting at things! I may look at a larger size in the future. Enjoy reading this blog every Friday. Thanks!

  4. My Franklin pocket binder is large for some occasions. I would like to use a smaller binder or Flex cover but I do not want to design my weekly insert on a smaller scale. The lines are already narrow.

    One option is a thin spiral notebook with a weekly insert and the smaller product. I transposed the sheets of a Circa 2014 weekly format for use in 2017. I removed the month and 2014 at the top. Then I punched small holes and cut slits on the weekly pages. I removed the pages of a thin spiral notebook and placed the Circa sheets in the coil of the notebook. I started this process but the result should be fine. The notebook is portable and lightweight and I can place other sheets in the coil. If I buy a smaller binder or Flex cover I can carry both products with ease or leave the notebook on a desk. Someone online added pages to the coil of a larger notebook.

  5. I placed six months of the Circa weekly pages in the small coil of the notebook. All the pages of the year are too thick for the coil but the notebook is sleek. I may remove those sheets and insert the remaining ones in the same coil for the second half.