19 October 2016

My Own 'Pocket Slim'

Tim recently provided us with two posts about the new Lockwood Pocket Slim and about how he started using it.

Well I have my own version of this size/format.  First of all let me describe this beauty for you. 

It is a very dark pebbly leather, almost black as you can see from the photographs below.  

With the organiser open in the front inside cover there are four vertical card slots with a vertical slip pocket behind them.

The rings are 11mm Krause rings, which click nice and tightly shut.

In the inside back cover there are two vertical slip pockets and a full leather pen loop which is quite generous in size, it will take my Uniball Vision Elite pens with no difficulty at all.

Looking down from above you will notice it has a full width back pocket too, which will take extra documents and notes as well.

Unlike the Filofax Lockwood Pocket Slim this has a clasp to hold it closed. The style of the clasp is similar to that used on other brands of organisers.

Overall a very nice organiser, one slight issue.... there is no makers name on it at all. I've been over it with a magnifying glass to try and spot any clues as to the name of the maker. 

The person that sold it to me via Adspot, did not know the make either, but we agreed a very reasonable price for it! 

What will I use it for? Good question, notes I think and for carrying other documents and loose papers and reward cards which I hate cluttering up my compact wallet. 

Yes I'm getting used to using smaller ring organisers.... how about you? 


  1. Very handsome looking little binder....

    Curious that it has no brand marking on it...

  2. Nice binder, but I obviously have been laboring under a false impression. My Guildford Extra Slim has no pen loop and no clasp. With either of those it won't fit in a shirt pocket, and with both, it is absolutely impossible. In order to qualify for a "slim", it takes LESS than just small rings! I love these little Binders, and using Tomoe River paper, you can easily carry well over 100 sheets of paper. Pretty amazing to fit in my shirt pocket!