21 October 2016

Free All Friday No 414

When ever I share one of the old Filofax catalogues a common theme to the comments is typically:
'I wish we still we able to buy those inserts these days'
Back in the 1980's and early 1990's there was a huge range of very esoteric inserts available. Some that were not obvious as to how they were supposed to be used!

During the spell when I wasn't using a Filofax and I had been using an electronic organiser the whole range changed (read as - was decimated!)

When I emerged again in 2005 and started using a Filofax again, I was surprised by how much was no longer available. I still had some unused inserts from the 1980's. So I recreated some for my own use, not for commercial use.

It was from recreating some of the old inserts I discovered Philofaxy... and the rest is history!

So do you have any specific insert needs that you have seen in the old catalogues? May be we can create an updated version of some of them.

Since it is Friday, all organiser related topics are welcome as well of course!


  1. Morning everyone. I posted a week or two ago about pen loops and pen sizes. It was admirably answered by Steve, who else. Today, in a similar vein, I would like to be a bit more specific. Following Tim's recent excellent review of the Pocket Lockwood, I ordered one, in blue. Now whilst I like the binder, I have a concern about the elasticated pen loop and its leather flap cover. No matter what diameter of pen or pencil I fit, once the binder is closed, the leather flap bends the papers into an arc, as there is insufficient width for them to lie flat. Filofax Customer Services say that a Botanics pen will fit, and I have ordered one, but I have my doubts that the problem will be solved. Does anyone else have this concern, and if so have you managed to find a solution?

  2. I've long wished to have the UK birdwatchers log/tick list back. I no longer have any, not even the ones I used 3 decades ago.

    Original insert was personal sized in double width folded into 2 pages, both punched, so it was in booklet format: pages 4 and 1 on one side, 2 and 3 on reverse.

    I've only seen one side shown in past catalogues, I need to see both sides to recreate it. If anyone can help with this I'd be very grateful.

    1. I do have one of these inserts Carol. If you email Steve I'm sure he would be able to put us in touch.

  3. I remember going to the old Lefax shop in Covent Garden (this was in the early 1980s) and seeing row upon row upon row of inserts - all kinds of inserts for everything you could think of. All Personal - there was no A5 back then. It's such a shame all that has changed but I guess that's 'progress' for you.

    I think the idea of recreating some of those inserts is a good one......I'll give it some thought! I could get into the idea of a truly retro setup with retro inserts!

  4. Delighted to announce that Mrs P will shortly be a Filofax user :)

    Does anyone have a 2016 Wo2P refill they aren't using? I need to get hold of the last quarter until I can get her a 2017 refill. Cotton cream preferred but anything will do......