29 October 2016

Web Finds - 29 October 2016

So I hope you have had a good week.

So now it is time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts from around the internet, so grab a drink and make yourself for our weekly round-up.

Here are some Philofaxy posts you might have missed this week:
  1. Web Finds - 22 October 2016
  2. Experienced User - Michele
  3. Lefax Price List 1988
  4. Free For All Tuesday No. 299
  5. Web Finds - 25 October 2016
  6. What size would suit me best?
  7. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Plannerverse - Episode 35
  8. Free For All Friday no. 415 by Anita
So here are the latest Filofax and other brand blog posts from around the Internet. Don't forget to leave a comment on the posts you enjoyed reading, all bloggers enjoy getting comments.
  1. Choosing a Planner Setup for the New Year – Part 1 - Lil Divette
  2. Filofaxers who lunch - My Filofax Blog
  3. Van Der Spek binders on their way to me - This Bug's Life
  4. Why I’ve ditched my Filofax for the Arc notebook system from Staples. - Maflingo
  5. Free 2017 Planner Printable is Coming! - lime tree fruits
  6. Why GTD Matters to Your Organization - Getting Things Done®
  7. Fluffy is famous in Filofax-Land! - This Bug's Life
  8. 10 Things to Do Before You Begin Your Week - Time Management Ninja
  9. Quo Vadis Productivity: Part 2 - Quo Vadis Blog
  10. Smitten with my unwidened VDS Senior in JL yellow for 6 weeks... - Olga plans!
  11. Van Der Spek faux leather organisers - This Bug's Life
  12. Taiwan planner/stationery haul - Random Pastimes of a Restless Mind
  13. Montando um planner baratinho - Casinha de taipa
  14. When you choose your work… - Getting Things Done®
  15. FFF 11 - My Filofax Blog
  16. Planner Quote: October 24, 2016 - FranklinPlannerTalk
  17. Set Up of Custom VDS binder in blue Touch Me Leather - This Bug's Life
  18. A simple Week on One Page - 1 - My Filofax Blog
  19. 2017 Plannerisms planners still in stock! - Plannerisms
  20. Fill Up Your Calendar Before Others Do - Time Management Ninja
  21. Christmas Planner Printables – November - Planning with Printed Portal
  22. Blue Standard Custom Touch Me leather binder by Van Der Spek - This Bug's Life
  23. Meet Chelsea - FranklinPlannerTalk
  24. The 2017 GTD Organizer is here! - Getting Things Done®
  25. NEW – VDS Home Collection | Pillows - Blog Vdsshop
  26. Micro USB, Credit Card sized Insert. ... - The Filofaxist 
  27. Writing Wednesday: Daily journaling prompts for November - Quo Vadis Blog
  28. Panduro – ring organiser nirvana! - This Bug's Life
  29. Confessions Of A Plannerholic: Halloween Planner Decor - The Stationery Geekette
  30. October review: Lessons learned - Quo Vadis Blog
  31. Practical Tips for Getting Things Done - Strange & Charmed
  32. One book july 2016 – in review (very late!) - Random Pastimes of a Restless Mind
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  1. I so look forward to Saturdays and web finds. It's been my favorite blog post for over a year. However, (and I know this isn't something you can control as you can only select from what's out there) I feel like a good majority of these planner posts are focused more on 'here's my setup last week' or 'just received my new _____ planner' or 'how I'm decorating my upcoming planner pages' or 'unboxing/review of _____ planner' etc. I don't really see a lot of individuals (like Giftie Etcetera) who are consistent with a certain planner/system and offer tips, hacks, ideas, etc. on how to 'use' that planner to keep things fresh. I hope I'm explaining myself correctly. It just seems like there are more 'aesthetic' planner posts than ones focused on use and functionality. I really hope I see more of these down the road.

    1. Hello
      Yes I totally get what you mean. As you say it's out of my control. This time last week I struggled because of global internet problems to find any posts! So there's been a bit of catching up this week.

      But a trend I've noticed myself is that it is very hard to blog these days when you are in competition for peoples attention against things like Facebook.

      The whole idea behind Web Finds was to help all planner bloggers to gain an audience, but it is a bit of an uphill struggle even for us.

      It has become harder to find new blogs to monitor since Google doesn't index them all these days. They concentrate on the money making sites more. Hence why I use my own system for monitoring all the different blogs out there.

      Hopefully as we get towards the end of the year we will see an up turn in traffic and more interesting blog posts.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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