02 October 2016

Readers Favourite Organiser - Gilly

Thank you to Gilly  for sharing with us her favourite organiser.

1. What is your favorite organizer (Make/model/size)?

I was so very lucky to find an A5 Ascot in red leather with crocodile print a couple of years ago, when Philofaxy regular Anita Lim was selling it (I believe it had previously been in Rebecca Bover’s care, and has starred in these pages before). I have been a collector of planners since my first Filofax purchase in the 1980s (a Winchester 4CLF Personal in burgundy which I still have), and own Personal and Pocket sizes too, but A5 is definitely the size for me. When the Ascot arrived, it was love at first touch!

2. How long have you owned it?

It’s been with me for just over two years, and there have been other planners on my desk in that time, but the Ascot is always there on the top of the stack. Having tried other brands (I have Gillio items and TN too), I feel you can’t fault Filofax for quality leather.

3. What is it that you like about it so much?

The dark red colour, really a true Burgundy. It’s my favourite colour so I was well disposed towards it anyway. But when I felt it in my hands, that really was a magic moment. The weight and quality of the leather is superb and it had been very well treated and renovated by Anita to a high standard of patina and shine. I like that it lies flat, and the cover is firm enough without being unwieldy.

4. Do you use it all the time?

Yes, it’s on my desk every day being updated, and it’s where I keep a diary of my life, commitments financial planning and lists. I actually have to have it within sight at all times! You’ll see from the photos that I’m not a manic decorator of the pages – I envy those who can do that – for me, it’s the outer appearance that’s most important, and the fact that I feel relaxed knowing all my arrangements and the things I need to get to quickly, are contained there. I write only in pencil so I can make changes without making a mess.

The Ascot used to come to work with me (surviving a very unfortunate incident with a tub of turkey gravy in my bag on Christmas Day!). I left full-time work just over a year ago to become a student again, and my colleagues laughed as I traced the countdown to leaving the job (a very happy moment) in a pull-out horizontal year planner insert, literally ticking off the days as they passed. The Ascot accompanied me on a very happy emotional journey at this time, and now it comes to University with me, sitting on the table to be admired at classes and tutorials.

At the moment, I’m keeping a numeric tally each day in the diary of the word count target for the novel I’m writing. Sadly, I’m short of the projected target and the Ascot, no matter how perfect, can’t help me with that!

5. Do you think the design could be improved in any way? How?

It’s pretty much perfect for me. I have zip-around Filofaxes which have their virtues and you can throw so much in there, but I don’t know that this one would work as a zippered planner. I think it would lose a really inviting quality it has. As if it’s saying, yes, I am totally gorgeous on the outside but look at what’s in here! Also, I have some Filofaxes with the bigger rings but find them a bit clumsy.

For my Masters in creative writing I’m using a number of notebooks/journals, and I also write on my laptop. Strangely, I can’t write ‘creatively’ in this, or any, planner. There’s something about the rings being there that means my hand is not comfortable enough on the page for the amount of time required to write extended pieces of my own. There’s a notepad in the back, but it’s a ‘top down’ one, and there’s no space for me to insert an A5 notebook there. If I could morph the A5 into an A4 without rings, that might be the answer. But I’m happy with it as is!

When I see new Filofaxes being released, I sometimes feel they’ll never quite hit the heights for me in terms of quality and classic design. I can’t imagine my life without this Ascot. She bears evidence of living, being used, recovery and classic beauty. I’d like to aspire to all of that myself!

And here are some photos of my favourite organiser.

Thank you, Gilly.

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  1. What a beautiful binder. I enjoyed this post very much, thank you for posting!