02 June 2017

Free For All Friday No. 446

June has arrived and we start to approach the mid-point of the year.

Do you do anything particular at the mid-point of the year?

I will be emptying my A5 soon and reviewing the contents. Filing and archiving information and pages. Checking up on anything that might have slipped through the cracks and updating various pages too.

Whilst it is empty I will give it a light clean, which is mainly removing paper dust that accumulates near to the rings. A strip of drafting tape (painters paper tape) is great for picking this up. It is simple and doesn't leave any residue behind.

It will also be a good time to check what I'm storing in the various pockets.

Will you be doing something similar?

Of course it is Friday so please free to discuss anything else ring bound related.

Have a great weekend.

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