27 June 2017

Web Finds - 27 June 2017

So I hope you have had a good weekend.

So now it is time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet.

Meanwhile here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Van Der Spek (VDS) unboxing - 2 junior nomads (incl real ostrich bi-colour) & 1 junior organizer - Stationery Love
  2. Gillio Art Edition 2017 - Isabelle Nati
  3. Pocket Finsbury Filofax in Raspberry. Beginning set up. - Mermaid Kitty
  4. Filofax Personal Set up - Kandice Wright
  5. Filofax Unboxing! Pocket-sized Black Saffiano & Popsocket - CIAO IT'S DANIELLE
  6. Filofax Tip No 18 Book Light for the Filofax The Australian Way - Quincy Sankoff
  7. PWM Pocket size Filofax Planner...and some news - Robin's Nest
  8. My Personal Filofax and Pocket Filofax planner organizational system - Juli's Sugar Pie Cottage
  9. Filofax Personal Compact Saffiano - Unboxing - Seaweed Kisses
  10. Filofax Pocket Saffiano Update! - CIAO IT'S DANIELLE
  11. Filofax Soft Domino Personal Size in Pale Pink Setup - Mama Row
  12. FILOFAX DEKO KW 22 | nautic flair | timelapse - dekoRIAt
  13. Filofax Personal Wochendeko KW 23 - Frau Anne
  14. [Filofax-Timelapse] KW 26/17: Research Diary - YasminLowe
  15. Filofax Set Up ft May Planner Society Kit + HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT - TheGLOSSette
  16. A5 Filofax Plan With Me June 26th, Ft. Wild Summer Designs Part 1 - Nichelle Davis
  17. July 2017 Filofax Black Malden Setup featuring DIYFish inserts - One Fantastic Find!
  18. +++Plan with me ++ Filofax ++ KW 27 2017 +++ - Do what you Love
  19. PLAN WITH ME | A5/Large kikki.K Planner | PLANNING AND A CUPPA - ms.paperlover
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My Week Posts
  1. Plan with me || Donut - Karen's Obsessions
  2. My week #271 - Paper Lovestory
  3. Plan with me || Gym Life - Karen's Obsessions


  1. Nr.6 Why is this video from Kent from Oz uploaded under a different name on youtube???

    1. Pirated, I've removed the links. I see lots of pirated videos on You Tube, normally I don't include them, this one slipped through the system

  2. Thank you Steve! I never came across such a thing before. But this time I was wondering how a different guy had the same voice as Kent of Oz before the end of the video when he mentioned his name, which is always a good thing to do :-)