09 June 2017

Free For All Friday No. 447 by Anita

For quite some years now, my system has consisted of a personal for my GTD based set up, plus an A5 for planning projects and for making more extensive notes. Using two together like that was perfect for a long time, but then one day it just wasn't... I did a review, drew mind maps and tried all my usual methods, but couldn't figure out why. However, because it was so familiar, I doggedly carried on trying to use it but without much success. I bought another A5 Ascot, with the hope that a wonderful binder like that would somehow encourage and motivate me to use it. And with time, it became clear to me that I wasn't enjoying these repeated A5 failures and they certainly weren't helping me get stuff done. I sold the Ascot last year, gave away all my inserts and then breathed a sigh of relief! With hindsight, I now understand that my focus is so much on my personal that I just don't end up looking at the A5.

Have you recently changed your planning habits like this, or had an epiphany about something that needs changing?

And as always, it's Friday again so please feel to discuss anything ringbound related. Have a great weekend.

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  1. I no longer include payments, computer or other non pertinent notations to the timeline of a schedule on the space of the day of my insert. In purchasing paper I must trim I usually do not buy an additional pack or notebook of an exact style because I prefer smaller leeway for errors of cutting the sheets. I do not use and carry binders and covers which do not remain flat on a surface. While standing I can easily write on the pages of my notebook or remove items from the pockets of my cover because the product is open and flat.