16 June 2017

Free For All Friday No. 448 by Laurie

Summer is in full swing (for those of us in the Northern hemisphere), and some people switch binders this time of year. Some reasons to change to a different binder:

Brighten up: Switching out to a brighter, sunnier color or pattern.

Lighten up: Using a synthetic material binder instead of leather, and/ or changing to a binder with a smaller ring size.

Downsize: For some people, summer time is less busy than the rest of the year so they like to use a smaller page size in a smaller, more portable binder.

Travel: Often when traveling it makes sense to leave most of your day to day pages at home and only take with you what you will need for your trip, in a slimline binder.

Are you changing to a different binder this time of year?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything ring-binder related. Have a great weekend!


  1. I have, in fact, changed binders. A5 is my size, for planning and getting & keeping organized. However, my planner needs to come with me everywhere at all times and my crappy joints can not carry a5 anymore. I managed to get a pretty working system on a personal size, and used it with great success for quite some time. I used a vintage Stratford. However, for some reason I never managed to actually plan in that size. For calendar purposes, I have nothing but good things to say about personal size. But I need a planner. Much to my delight I managed to snatch a binder, made by Balmuir. They only made small amount of planners four years ago and every one of them is hand made by leather masters. It certainly has that luxury feel and look to it. Craftsmanship is outstanding. These lovelies are practically impossible to come by with. The ring system is spaced to fit personal sized paper but the measurements of the binder itself are quite generous. So much so that I ended up making my own inserts to it, many of which are printables to regular TN´s. You see, I cut the papers 11 x 19 cm´s. Still there is +1 cm allowance to the edges of the binder. In fact, it could take a5 sized paper in width, making it exactly similar in size to TN sized paper. However, I felt like I needed to respect the binder´s uppity aura and allow for generous spacing. The difference between 11 x 19 cm paper and personal sized paper is not earth shattering. Yet it does enable me to use it as a planner as well as a calendar. Its ring size also is 28 mm´s and I use mainly 60 gsm. paper in it, so basically everything I need fits nicely within its covers.
    You all have certainly heard of "planner peace". I can attest that surely there is such a phenomenon that is called as "planner bliss". If you need me, that´s where I am to be found.

    1. I mistakenly wrote that it could take regular-sized TN paper in width, which it actually does. However I meant that it could take regular sized paper in height as well.. which is equal to a5´s height as well.

  2. I'm looking to simplify things in my life right now, so I will be staying in my Winchester for the rest of 2017.

  3. Changed to my fluro pink original. Promised myself I would use it for the month of June. It's a regret purchase.

  4. I'm going to keep the binder I have for right now but if I happen to come across one that I like, I might switch.

  5. I am staying in my Winchester as well!

  6. Hello from France !
    I'm not changing size, but the width of my inserts : instead of a foldout week (I'm using Plan2create inserts), I get back to "normal" week in two pages. It's what I plan for the summer, as I'm a teacher and usually less busy during vacation days !
    Probably I'll try other inserts during the summer, and when it's back to school time, i'll have changed another time ! I'm quite a versatile person.