18 June 2017

Van der Spek A5 Manager - 3 years on.

I took my A5 Manager with me to the Van der Spek meet up last weekend. I have had it now for over 3 years, it arrived on 22 April 2014 (after checking the date in my journal).

It is made from Napa leather inside (6208) and outside (6202).

Here are the photos taken when I received it in April 2014.

Petra was quite surprised to see how shiny the outside had become and asked if I had put anything on the outside leather. No, nothing just been handled quite a bit. The outside appears to have got darker in colour, as you can see from the photos below, but this might just be the camera being fooled by the nap of the leather a little.

Here it is now.

Here are it is with some leather samples so you can see a slight difference.

It has not been in constant use for the last 3 years, I do occasionally swap in to other A5's. However, this has been my main A5 for a good proportion of the time. It did all of the USA/Canada trip in 2015 and has travelled with me on most other trips.

These days it serves as my reference organiser, always to hand on my desk with another smaller ringed A5 Van der Spek being used as my main planner.

You can discover more about my A5 Van der Spek organisers by going back through the following posts:

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  1. Gorgeous Steve!! A lovely colour combo. xx

  2. Love the pictures. There's nothing like the look of worn leather. That's why I love leather binders...they look richer with time.