17 November 2017

Free For All Friday No. 470

I was scratching around for a theme for this weeks post and the solution suddenly came in to my head... so quick before I forget it, I have to get to my computer and get it entered... otherwise I will forget it!

So inspired by a You Tuber - Casey Neistat, who by the way has no connection what so ever to planning or organisers!

'What is your biggest challenge each day or each week that your organiser helps you with? ' 

However, it is Friday so of course you are welcome to discuss anything organiser related.


  1. I may be in a minority on the theme mentioned above, but for me the answer would be record keeping.
    And, interestingly, it was only when considering the question now that I came to this as a conscious realisation.

  2. Keep on top of hectic work week schedule and To Do's...


  3. As someone who is easily distracted by the day to day hustle and bustle of life, my organiser helps me remember the important things. I could list examples, but we all know what they are. My biggest challenge is to start a project, I have many ideas that would have been forgotten if it weren't for my organiser.

  4. For me too... It helps me to review what scrum teams have done. It's all there...