03 November 2017

Free For All Friday No 468 by Laurie

Recently I saw someone ask in one of the Facebook groups whether people prefer their Filofax to be leather vs non-leather, and the reasons why.

One of the reasons to use a non-leather (and therefore less expensive) Filofax is so you don't have to worry about getting it dirty, marked on, or banged up. Also, the non-leather binders tend to be lighter weight than the leather ones, which can help lighten the load in your bag.

One of the reasons to use a leather binder is to enjoy the feel of the leather and the craftsmanship of the product. Other people liked the idea of using one binder for a long time and having it gain a patina over time.

Do you prefer using leather, or non-leather? Why?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything ring-binder related!


  1. I;m definitely in the leather camp. I go to a lot of business meetings and I don't want to be using a binder which looks in any way less than 100% professional. For me, that means leather. I can see the benefits of a non-leather binder, but for me the image I present is the most important thing - provided, of course, that the system does it's job as well!

  2. I wonder if I could please ask the help of this group.

    As some of you will know, for a number of years I've been running a GTD-based system out of a Personal sized Filofax, using a ten part set of dividers, which are now beginning to look a bit old and worn. I had two sets of these, but over 5-6 years I've worked my way through both of them. One was given to me by the wonderful Paul B, the other sent to me by an anonymous Philofaxy friend, I *think* in the US. So far as I know (and I've looked), these are *not* available to buy in the UK.

    I don't think I can post a photo of the dividers in question on here due to the limitations of the blog, but I'd be happy to send a photo to anyone who would be willing to help me by buying a couple of sets and mailing to me in the UK. I'll also post this onto the Facebook group where I *can* add photos. I will of course pay the shipping if someone is willing to help me out. I believe they are called variously either Personal or Bible size dividers, for reasons I don't understand!

    If anyone can help with this, I'd be really grateful. Many thanks in advance!

  3. I have some numbered ten part dividers you are welcome to if suitable David.

    1. That's a very kind offer - thank you! Could you possibly please drop me an email and we can chat further? I'm via davidcpopely (at) gmail (dot) com

      Many thanks!

    2. UPDATE - I was in London yesterday and arrived home very late in the evening, so didn't get to look at the post. HOWEVER, when I checked this morning I found TWO envelopes containing a total of FIVE sets of 1-10 dividers - three from Gmax (thank you!) and two from an anonymous sender (obviously someone who has my home address so I have a fairly short list of suspects!). THANK YOU SO MUCH to both of you.

      The two anonymous sets were inside a Mind charity gift card, so a donation has now been made to Mind as a thank-you.

      You guys are SO GOOD.....it is such a privilege to be part of this community. I hope I can give something back in the short term as a way of paying this kindness forward

      Thank you again......

  4. I’ve been in the leather camp since I first started using a Filofax back in ‘92-93. There weren’t any non leather models back then. I guess you can say I stick with what I know.

  5. Yes with only a couple of exceptions mine are all leather. The exceptions being a couple of Fusions and that horribly flimsy plastic duplex I shared with you a few years ago. One day it might serve as a suitable 'pattern' for a leather version... a reborn Duplex!

    I find as they age leather organisers develop a character of their own, where as man-made fibre goods such as bags just look tired and faded.... a bit like me earlier this week after PlannerCon!

  6. I also much prefer leather ones as, like Steve says, I love how they age & just gain more character with use. I was initially looking for a refillable leather notebook because I wanted to use something a bit nicer & then found the wonderful world of Filofax!

    However, I did manage to pick up a super cheap A5 Domino & I am quite taken by it. Whilst I agree with David that it wouldn't look as professional in a meeting as a leather one, I do think the combination of light weight & 30mm rings is a winner.

    Steve, your reborn Duplex sounds wonderful & I'm sure that Petra would be able to help :)

  7. I appreciate real leather, but some of the color binders I LOVE are faux leather. My Rose Gold is faux leather, and I'm okay with that.