10 December 2015

Filofax France 1989

Today we are going back to France in 1989. Thank you to one of our readers in France, Bertrand who kindly shared the scans of this catalogue with me to add to our archive of previous catalogues.

The content of this post is the intellectual property of Filofax Group Ltd. The scans are reproduced here with the full permission of Filofax Group Ltd for educational and research purposes only.

As this is a picture heavy post, there is a break after the first image, please click 'read more' to see the whole post.

And here is the price list 1 F.F. (French Franc) = €0.15 or  6.55957 francs for 1 euro so a Winchester with 7/8 inch rings at 1,190 F = €181.41

Do you have any old Filofax catalogues, we still have some gaps in our collection we would love to fill in.  Please contact philofaxy at gmail dot com and see if we can grow the collection.


  1. I love the vintage binders colours and layout of binders and inserts a lot. A special fan from stylish and functional equipment :-)

  2. So many wonderful inserts! Thank you. Makes me very much miss proper stationery stores.


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