12 March 2018

Ring Mechanism Parts Explained.

Occasionally when I'm trying to explain to people via text there is some confusion about the different parts of a ring mechanism. I hope the following photograph helps explain the different parts.

So from left to right:

Tabs: You use these to open your rings, pressing down on both.... you do do this don't you? 😟

Cover plate: This is the part that covers up the internals of the ring mechanism, it can be carefully removed without removing the ring mechanism, it clips to the Base Plate. 

Ring Halves: When taken apart they are in two parts, but they interlock when installed in the base plate. They slide in from either end of the Base Plate. The small rectangular holes at the ends is where the tabs slot in to. 

Backing Plate: This is the metal part that is glued in to the inside of the organiser between the outer leather and the internal leather. It is put in before the two halves of the organiser are stitched together, therefore it is quite difficult to change this part of the mechanism. When buying replacement rings you will normally not receive the backing plate unless you specifically ask for it. 

The backing plate has the Mounting Lugs top and bottom this is what the Base Plate slides on to. 

Base Plate:  This is what the ring halves are held in along with the tabs and then the cover plate clips on to the top of the base plate. 

The square cut outs in the base plate go over the mounting lugs and then you slide the base plate (and the assembled ring mech on to the mounting lugs, with the narrower cut out sliding under the mounting lugs until the Locking Tab clicks over the small ridge just above the lower mounting lug. 

The terminology I use might not be the same as used by the manufacturers of the ring mechanisms, but I have used the same terms for the parts for the last few years. 

Any questions as always please leave them in the comments below. 

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  1. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks again Steve.