29 March 2018

Filofax Carrying Pouch

Do you worry about carrying your Filofax organiser in your bag/purse? Could it get damaged by other things in your bag, such as keys or loose change etc?

Why not carry it in a dust bag. There is a great simple to make travel pouch on Thomas's site here.

Or look out for dust bags or gift bags on Amazon or Etsy, an example is posted below.


  1. I have a very similar thing however mine was knitted like a sweater by my mom. It protects my personal Kensington well.

  2. I decided a long time ago that any Filofax of mine needs to be tough enough to cope with being shoved into bags with everything else. However, I do keep my keys away from them! I have owned some beautiful binders, but shortly sold them as I realised that the leather was a little too delicate. My Winchester is great as the leather is so hard wearing, so perfect for me :)

  3. I use a felt purse insert. It's very light-weight, yet adds structure to my bag (as well as a few pockets).