08 March 2018

Pocket Season?

It is that time of year again... Spring is just around the corner and I'm starting to see lots of people discussing and mentioning trying out Pocket size again.

I sort of spotted this trend a few years ago, some years it is more obvious than others.

Recently I have seen people saying they are buying pocket size organisers even though it is a size they don't generally use!

One of my favourite organisers in pocket size is my Pocket Eton seen here with the Personal size Eton. Both have two pen loops and delightfully soft leather.

Gillio have recently announced that they have redesigned their pocket size Compagna organisers to be slightly wider than previously and tidied up the internal design. They have not increased the ring size though which is a shame. They might introduce a 20mm ring model at some point in the future.

Van der Spek offer both 16mm and 20mm Junior (Pocket) models. The Van der Spek Touch Me models come with 20mm rings and a full back pocket and lots of other internal pockets. Van der Spek also offer Junior Custom models in either 16 or 20 mm ring size.

Filofax offer Pocket sizes in three different ring sizes Pocket Slim with 11mm rings and Pocket with 15mm or 19mm rings.

So are you a pocket organiser user, or are you considering using pocket size this year at all? Please let us know in the comments.



  1. Normally I use an A6 non widened custom vds with 20 mm rings (which I love). But this year I have used a beautiful Gillio slim Compagna (christmas gift from my kids), which I am also in love with. I wanted to try out the pocket organiser as I like to use my space as efficiently as possible.
    I own a pocket Mia Cara, which I find a bit big. I almost bought a Gillio pocket yesterday, but hesitated as I really prefer the old smaller version. This morning I realized I could try the use the inner binder of the Mia Cara. That way the binder will be the right size for me I hope. I just want to try it out for a bit. I’m very happy with both A6 and medium/personal slim and like to change between those as I really lika both.

  2. I find it impossible to choose between personal and pocket size. I really like writing space in personal size but but portability of a pocket size is undeniable for me( I can even fit it in the pocket of my autumn coat which is fantastic). But I do not complain because it means more Filofaxes and more binder purchases in my life :) My first ever real Filofax was pocket Guildford so pocket size will forever have special place in my heart as it is a Filofax that started my love for binders.

  3. I love the idea of a pocket size, but it's too small to be functional for me. I think the pocket size is adorable and that's why I'm drawn to them, but don't use them.

  4. I too am torn between the pocket size and personal size...but I do tend to use the pocket size more...also does anyone know why Filofax stopped making the pocket malden in black? I am kind of new to using the planners and love Filofax.

  5. I own quite a few pocket size organizers. What I find difficult is comfortably writing in them. I've recently discovered the medium Slim from Gillio and because of the smaller rings, writing in it is very comfortable. I did have to slim down what I had in the planner, such as lots of extra paper.

  6. I'm a pocket user, my main day-to-day non-work planner is a pocket malden. In it is appointment diary, essential address/phone numbers, shopping list and note pages. I need a slimmed-down functional planner to carry around and isn't heavy especially as I don't drive and use public transport. My (filofax malden) purse is heavy enough. I tried a zip saffi with removeable rings as purse/planner combo but it didn't work out.
    I have a pocket Windsor which is now used to store old pages.
    I also have a couple of minis which get more use in spring and summer, very useful on backpacking/countryside days out.

  7. Tried using Pocket and even Mini a few years ago.

    Portability-wise it was great. But gave up on it as I couldn't use the small pages for work purposes.

    But the lure of such a small pocketable binder is tempting at times.

    1. Hi ArchiMark, would it be worth having a separate personal size for work? I've found keeping work and home planners separate to be less confusing and cluttered. I found a pocket to be too small for work too.
      I'm actually thinking about sizing up to an A5 for that but will stick to a pocket for home/personal use.

    2. Hi Carol,

      Thanks for your input.

      I've tried personal for work and found the pages too narrow. I go to a lot of meetings throughout work day, so taking notes is important for me.

      So, every time I tried binders smaller than A5, I always go back to A5 (or Franklin Covey Classic...).

      But just like with pocket, every so often I've been tempted to try and make personal or even better, FC Compact size (same height as personal pages, but a bit wider...), but I find it just a bit too small for work purposes.

      I don't use a planner for home....just use a piece of paper to list To Do's for the weekend.



    3. Try a B6 size foxyfix, they call it personal wide

    4. MySummerTouch,

      Thank you for your suggestion.

      B6 page proportions look good.

      However, I notice on FoxyFix website they don't have calendar related pages yet for it. Just plain, lined, grid, etc.

      They do mention they are working on them and hope to release around July, which is a long ways away...

      Have to check if anyone else has diary/calendar B6 inserts....

  8. My EDC is Pocket-- a brown Windsor for Fall/Winter and Duck Egg Domino for Spring/Summer. The Windsor was my first Filo, bought new in the early 90s. If I'm forced to write small, my writing is legible, and I use extra-fine pens (Pilot G2 .38 RULZ) so Pockets give me plenty of room for what I need to get done. My only complaint is that the much larger Domino rings have made me wish my Windsor were the same. But the portabil- and tossability of the Pocket get top marks from me!

  9. Sometimes I consider a pocket binder but I do not yield to the temptation. I do not prefer the small binder and the rings. I would want the items of a wallet, the phone and many sheets in the binder but the binder is short in height. The sheets are small. I like the large space of writing on my weekly insert I conceived for my approximate A6 product.

  10. I use a pocket size Filofax Mini Finchley as a wallet and for notes and lists on the go. Apart from the pen loop it's one of the best designed organisers I've ever used.

  11. Could anyone tell me what is the name of orange color one in the bottom line?

  12. I'm turning 50 in a couple of weeks and finally giving into the Ochre Pocket Malden temptation that I have fought so hard for years. If I can't get it when I'm 50, then when can I? The plan is to set it up as an everyday carry-about, with a year planner and to do pages. I currently bullet journal in a Leuchtturm so this will seem much smaller for a time! I want to feel like Indiana Jones when I whip it out.