02 March 2018

Free for All Friday No. 485 by Nan

What's the most number of times you've changed planners or planning systems during a year? Honestly, I think my worst year was about 6 or 8. I was constantly experimenting. Shortly thereafter, I forced myself to pick a format and only make major changes every 6 months, or 3 at the very least.

Luckily, I picked Filofax!

Of course, since it's Friday, all ring-bound organizer conversation is welcome!


  1. Pre-2015: Had not discovered the Planner Addict World yet.
    2015: 4
    2016: 5
    2017: 2
    2018: holding steady with what I started with

  2. Oh goodness. I'm trying to think of what my record is for most planners tried/ used in a year. 18 maybe? I had a time when I would try a new planner every 2-3 weeks because nothing was working for me.

    Over the past 12 months I've used/ tried about 8, and that's not counting going back to a planner I'd used previously that year.

  3. Several years ago I purchased many different inserts for my Franklin pocket binder and another one. Then I drew formats with a ruler and a pencil on paper. Now I use my weekly and monthly layouts and templates for projects I designed in Word. My monthly structure is my digital calendar because I input the information in the grids in Word and view it on the computer. I print two approximate A6 pages of my weekly format on each side of a letter sheet. The orientation of the paper is landscape. I also print the templates for projects in the same way.

    I place the sheets in my small notebook and the notebook in the tall pocket of my wallet. I use my large binders but not the personal ones or the Franklin pocket one. I may seek a taller and wider wallet than my current one after I consider a new phone. I want a spacious wallet for the phone, notebook and other items.

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  5. I'm still only a few years down the rabbit hole so new to lots of systems. 2017 total comes in at 15 planners/systems trying to find out what I like best. 2018 so far I have hit 5. My most recent purchase was a preloved Gillio medium compagna with daily pages and I am loving it.

  6. Well I've narrowed my choice down to two sizes for this year. I have a lovely VDS Touch Me in pocket size and a recently purchased (Ebay bargain) beautiful tan leather Mini size from a now defunct company named Herringbone. I love the Mini but don't know how practical it will be, but I take inspiration from Heather at Vanilla Folders and HP Fuchs who has written on here. I don't have much to plan being retired so I'm running the Mini and Pocket side by side for the whole year to really see which one will be for me. Having said that I'm a Sagittarius and so I like to chop and change.

  7. I have tried Franklin Covey,Travelers Notebook and Filofax...I really like the pocket size filofax maldens,but with all of the calendar and weekly insert formats I still can not find a set up I am comfortable with.