28 March 2018

Tell us about...... 21

If you follow the principles of Getting Things Done by David Allen in your organiser.

I am curious do you use a Daily or Weekly diary insert?

Which format works best for you?

Tell us in the comments below.


  1. For my GTD I use just a small notebook in my planner that I take everywhere. My projects and stuff go in a ring binder at home next to my computer. I only use daily or weekly inserts for anything that is school or work related or has to be done by a specific day.

  2. I use daily on two pages and monthly pages.

    Daily to capture appointments, meetings, and other activities throughout the workday and identify priorities for the day and some daily notes.

    The monthly pages give me the month view and week view at same time.

    There have been periods where I use weekly inserts, but then I miss having the space for daily info.

    1. I'm just in the process of moving from Wo2P to DPP with monthly pages. Is this A5 or Personal Mark? I'd be interested to exchange emails some time if you don't mind

  3. I use monthly & weekly in my EDC pockt and monthly weekly daily in my stay at home personal.

  4. I adapted aspects of Getting Things Done in my system along with so many other methodologies that I can't really say I follow GTD principles.

    I use monthly and weekly pages but no pre-printed daily pages. In place of pre-printed daily pages, I do keep a daily journal of sort. I date a page in the morning, list anything that has to be done that day (taken from the weekly layout) and take any notes during the day below that. The next morning, I draw a line and start a new day. On certain days, I may not even need to start a daily section. If there's any noteworthy info that's written in the daily pages (that I may want to remember later eg memories), I note that in the weekly layout on that date.

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  6. I use monthly & weekly in my EDC pocket and monthly weekly daily in my stay at home personal. I also use a small separate inbox notebook with my pocket and a separate project notebook that has the project details and stays with my personal.

  7. I use weekly and just print 1 day's dailies at a time, then toss out after the day is over, replacing with the next day's plans. I also print monthlies for my job applications overviews to keep track.

  8. I use two pages per day, currently the regular and more utilitarian classic-size 2018 Day-Timer set I got on sale, which also includes tabs for monthly. Each day I use the right-hand daily notes page to gather information (my "inbox") unless it's a longer-form meeting, in which case I use either blank inserts I punched myself (preferred, because fountain pens) or lined note pages from Avery (a lot cheaper than DT or FP). I like the convenience of these inserts, but the thin paper bleeds from gels and rollerballs, let alone fountain pens.

    Based on information gathered in inbox notes within the daily pages or notes pages, I either:
    a) Do it right away, if it takes 5 minutes or less (yes, not the GTD 2 minutes - that's not enough time to do anything, in my opinion)
    b) Set up an appointment or task at fixed time/date - I often insert meetings into both paper and digital, mostly because the latter also provides a notification
    c) Enter a next action into my to-do, project, or "waiting for" lists
    d) Write up the notes in some way, either adding them to a project scope (typically Google Docs), sending a contact report via email (adding to our internal tracking system), or dumping them into a paper file folder

    I keep a Day-Timer sticky-note "todo list" for tasks with no set date required (my "floaters"), and another one for WF ("waiting for..." people to handle things or get back to me). These lists will generally live in the next day of my planner. That way, when I turn the page over, the next day, I can see what next action I can copy to my daily to-do list or follow up on. Then I cross out "done" items and move the lists to the next day again. I cycle through one floater sticky per week, and one WF every 2-3 weeks.

    (Also have various project tabs, agendas (for what to talk to people about), various planning pages, and so on, mostly printed/punched from my old free DIYPlanner inserts. Contacts, certain reminders and alarms live in digital, mostly Google.)

    I try to spend about an hour each Monday planning out the week and reviewing project information, next actions and WFs - the "Weekly Review". Each morning I spend about 20 minutes planning the day and choosing priorities. Again, this is done using the two-pages-per-day inserts.

    I have a pretty complete mostly-GTD setup that I've fairly honed in my classic planner over 15 years, but those are the broad strokes....

  9. I use a personal sized week on two pages diary format. The remainder of the binder is filled with regular, blank paper and the standard 1-6 index tabs. My sections include 1) Diary, 2) Inbox, 3) Next Actions, 4) Projects, 5) Direction and Focus [my version of GTD's higher horizons], and 6) Reference. I have been using the same, simple setup for the last 10 years, and practicing GTD for 13.