29 July 2018


We all have a favourite colour? For me it is the colour blue, I don't know why, but from an early age I can always remember preferring the colour blue, when I had a choice of picking things myself.

I used to support a couple of football teams whose colours were blue (Everton and Tranmere Rovers) but my love of football was a fairly short lived thing.

I've owned three or four blue cars, including our current one.

I have a lot of blue shirts and of course some blue jeans...

However, not many blue organisers. I've never really thought about it before now but why aren't there more blue organisers? I know Filofax have had quite a few in the past and there are some in their current range.

Here is three in my collection.

A blue and black Filofax personal size Fusion, my A5 Gillio Compagna in dark blue and my Van der Spek blue and grey custom standard size (personal size).

These three are very different in character/features, but I love them all for different reasons.

What is your favourite colour for an organiser?


  1. for me is : Black ! Classy and perfect. Actualy I havet he croco black A5 Van Der Spek

  2. Grey..i love my Grey maldens

  3. I gravitate towards the dark greens and browns..

  4. Aquamarine and purple...

  5. Tend to go for browns of various shades, including occasional un-dyed leather that will darken over time. Other color is black, but very few.