09 July 2018

Philofaxy Needs You

I am sure we all enjoy seeing how other readers used their organisers.

On Philofaxy we have had several different series of posts to help readers share their own experiences of how they use their organisers and which is their favourite one.

We constantly need new people to come along to be able to continue with these series of posts.

So how can you help contribute? We have three different 'reader' series which are very easy to fill in and respond to they are:
  • Reader Under The Spotlight - This is based on 10 simple questions (it used to be 19 questions) as well as the questions we ask you to supply a photo of yourself or your organiser. Previous posts in this series can be found here.
  • Readers Favourite Organiser - This is 5 questions plus a few photographs of your favourite organiser. Previous posts in this series can be found here.
  • Experienced User - This is based on 7 questions, mainly aimed at people who have been an organiser used for more than a year or two, but the questions are fairly generalised. Previous posts in this series can be found here.
We also welcome Guest Posts and Reader Reviews of organisers and related products. We also have Readers Tips too. There is no fixed format for these. It is best to contact Steve before you commence writing any of these.  

Guest posts/reviews must be organiser related, Philofaxy will not publish non-organiser related posts... we often receive offers of very non-specific posts, one for example about body weight loss, when I published a post on weight loss in relation to removing pages from your organiser!  Clearly they hadn't read our post at all or our guidelines!  In all posts we are happy to include a link or links to your own blog or your You Tube Channel or Instagram feed.

So if you would like to contribute with any of the posts above please contact Steve by email philofaxy at gmail dot com  Please indicate which post you are interested in taking part in and he will send you the questions/instructions.

If you responded to my request just after Christmas I would very much welcome your responses still so we can get these series flowing again.

Thank you.


  1. Are you still interested in the updated answers to the original “Readers Under the Spotlight” interviews? At one time, you had requested that previous interviewees answer with updated answers. Are there specific new questions you have ready, or would answering the same questions, as before, work out better for the comparison? (Perhaps with a link to your first set of answers?)

    1. The questions for Reader Under the Spotlight have certainly changed since we first started. Also reduced in number I think it used to be 19 questions, now only 10. A few of them are the same as the originals.

      But we welcome people to do them again. Peoples circumstances change over time.