06 July 2018

Free For All Friday No. 503 by Laurie

Recently I decided my weekly pages were too full and I needed to take some things off the page. So I moved my blog post planning to a separate section instead of planning my posts on my weekly pages.

I'm using the Philofaxy free printable month per page horizontal pages for blog post planning.  I write the post for each day on that day's line. This is a great way to see the overview of what I'm publishing each month and when.

The inserts are designed to be printed back to back, but I print them single sided so I can use the blank facing page to write that month's blog goals: if there are specific products to promote or new products to announce; which series I will be running that month; any giveaways or campaigns, etc. Having these topics visible next to the month's blog post schedule reminds me what I need to write about, and the schedule shows me when to write about it.

Having these pages all together in their own section makes it easier for me to plan ahead for posts, series and campaigns throughout the year too.

Have you recently moved anything off your diary pages into its own section?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything ring binder organizer related!

1 comment:

  1. I will use a small notebook with discs or my Franklin pocket binder for information I do not record on my weekly format on paper of a bound book or my digital calendar. I like the ease of writing notations on the uniform dated space of my weekly structure on the sheets of the bound notebook and managing lists and other sections in a binder or another product with removable sheets.