13 July 2018

Free for All Friday No. 504 by Nan

For many of us, it's time for summer vacation!

Are you planning a road trip?
Juggling multiple kids' camp and sports schedules?
Getting ready for some major travel?
Or already looking forward to fall, getting your plans in line?

Either way, an organizer is essential. Do you use yours differently during break time than during the rest of the year? Or do you have a special summer organizer?

But as it is a Friday please feel free to discuss anything ring bound planner related!


  1. Hello Nan! It is Winter here and alas no holidays for me. When we do have a holiday which is very rare I use a Midori TN for journalling but I still use my filofax as there are still things to do even when not at work

  2. It's summer here and too hot lately, but no vacation time for me, as I was asked to take over another team at another location a 30 minute drive away, that has a lot more workload than the team I manage now....supposed to be an interim situation....will probably end up for 4 - 6 months.....if I survive it....if I do, will take a vacation.....

    In meantime, this new assignment made me want another binder to help manage all the projects involved. Ordered a new custom A5 from vdS with large rings....hope it gets here soon!