23 July 2018

A6 Inserts

'Where can I get A6 inserts from?' another question that pops up a lot in the Facebook groups and in my in-box on a fairly regular occurrence.

So here a list of sources for A6 inserts which I have split in to 'Download and Print Yourself' and 'Printed'

Download and Print Yourself

You might need some help to print your own inserts available here: Printing A6 Inserts/Pages


Printed but not A6

The following inserts are not true A6 size. However, they are the correct ring spacing. They are narrower, but they will be fine in an un-widened Van der Spek Senior.

Naturally inclusion in this list does not mean that we personally recommend or endorse any of the sellers included. 

We will do our best to keep the list up to date. Please let us know of any new suppliers or any dead links in the list. Thank you. 


  1. Thanks Steve :)

    Not sure how long this link will last, but Foxy Fix has a vinyl pack that I got and am pleased with :


    I am searching for some frosted plastic or clear page finders, I wonder if one will come with the inserts included with the Gillio A6 compagna...

  2. Doh, just after posting my comment, I looked closer at the link and they are now sold out of A6. I wonder if they'll use the same link if/when they come back in stock..

  3. Please add this seller to your inserts list:

    I recently requested the owner to create graph grid pages for me, and he was happy to comply. I LOVE this paper and have it in all of my planner sizes. When I didn't find A6 size, he promptly added it which has made my day :)