10 August 2018

Free For All Friday - No. 508

There is a saying that if you are waiting for a London Bus, you won't see one for ages, then three come along!

For London Buses change it to guest posts! Yes, three arrived in the space of 24 hours. 

Thank you to all our contributors your thoughts and ideas are always very welcome here on Philofaxy. 

But it is a Friday so don't forget you can discuss anything remotely connected with ring bound organisers, have a great weekend.


  1. If this is not allowed, then I apologize and please remove my post. Just a heads up that in my local Wilkos, (Wilkinson's) national store, here in the UK, they have a travellers' notebook style planner cover with strings and notebooks for £5 in olive green. So a unisex colour. The notebook contents are more feminine in design but obviously can be replaced with different ones of your choice. A kind of a chuck it in a handbag or briefcase TN and not worry about it getting scratched etc etc. Not 100% sure of the sizing though, sorry, but it is a decent size with strings, and of course a decent price.xx

  2. Butanben I bought that notebook the other day! I think it's A5 size. The stitching on one of my included notebooks is coming undone already, but I think the cover and quality is alright for the price, and it's a good starter notebook for me. Flying Tiger also currently has a TN in store, in which I think is the original size, in a kind of heavy cardboard for £3 - not sure how good it is though as I didn't actually buy it.

    On another note, I've been looking on ebay for filofaxes and realised today that ebay categorises them in 'men's organisers and diaries'. Why men's?! There's no women's organisers, but the bigger question to me is why the category is gendered at all - they're organisers!

  3. Your final comment did make me laugh and nod my head in agreement!! So glad you treated yourself to a new one and not bad at all at the price I thought. I bought the Flying Tiger one ages ago, just really to see if I'd like the TN format. But being in a light brown tan card, it stained like billy oh!!! Still, I did use the notebooks with grid paper later and as it was uber cheap, didn't feel too miffed.