06 August 2018

Guest Post - Punching Filofax A5 paper with a Personal Filofax Punch - Lisa

Punching Filofax A5 paper with a Personal Filofax punch

  • The A5 and Personal filofax binders have a different distance between the two sets of 3 rings. The punch can be used to punch A5 paper, but the increased distance must be compensated for.


  • So to use a personal punch you need to mark your punch with a label at a point 32 mm above or below the rings (for the top or bottom). 
  • Remove the paper guide on the punch, as it will interfere with correct positioning.
  • Align the paper guide with the top of the punch and position the clear plastic ruler of the A5 filofax along the edge of the punch. Mark the spot 7 cm below the top of the punch.
  • An easy way to mark this is to use a gummed file folder label, that can be stuck to the bottom of the punch. 


  • With the paper guide removed, insert the top portion of the paper from the bottom until it meets the line. Ensure that it is correctly aligned and punch the top three rings.
  • Turn the paper over (rotate 180 deg vertically) and do the same thing to punch the bottom three rings.
  • Check in Filo to make sure the rings are right. Repunch if necessary.
  • A bundle of three booklet folded A4/Letter sheets (total 12 pages) works well. It does not seem to be necessary to tear the folded pages.
Thank you Lisa for your tips, I'm sure plenty of people will find this useful.

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