18 January 2019

Free for All Friday No. 531 by Nan

Do you have your 2019 organizer organized?

Or, halfway through January, are you still thinking, pondering, experimenting?

This year, I fall into the latter category! The struggle is real!

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss and/ or ask anything ring binder organizer related!


  1. I didn't change much in my set up, just refreshed the calendar pages and removed things I didn't need anymore.

  2. I love Philofaxy, so I hope you don’t mind my commenting even though I only use a small Filofax for taking notes at home. My daily planner is an A5 sized discbound notebook with inserts that I print and punch myself. It’s actually a Franken-planner that I modify as needs change. I decided to try something different in 2019 and am waiting for my new, customized Agendio inserts to arrive later this month. Meanwhile, I switched out my notebook cover today for a different color.

    1. Janis,

      Please share your thoughts about Agendio inserts after you receive them.

      I've been very tempted to order some from them.



  3. Will do! I already sent a ton of feedback to Agendio when placing my order. I was wishing for 5-day “workweek calendar” - I keep my work planner separate from my personal pages using different tabbed sections in the same (discbound) notebook. I prefer not to include my meal planning or personal habit trackers on the same page as my work agenda and notes. In addition, because I work in Human Resources, there is always the possibility that my work notes may be needed in case of a lawsuit, so I really want my work agenda separate from my personal pages. I ordered 5 days on the left and a note sections on the right - and will use a sticker to cover Saturday and Sunday. Scheduled items are noted in my planner and are also tracked digitally so they can be synced to my phone. In my personal tab, I’m more of a bullet journal minimalist.