07 January 2019

Information Pages

Between Christmas and New Year I spent quite a bit of time updating the non-planner pages of my A5 organiser.

It had been some time since I had reviewed these pages, some were ok, some were very out of date. I kept quite a few of the pages to continue using them. In some cases I re-printed a few of them because they had got a little ragged around the holes through use.

Some of the pages had come with previous Filofax diary inserts, so I wanted to have my own versions of these pages so as to be able to update the contents as and when necessary.

Looking around on line I found most of the information I wanted just not in the format that would be easy to print on A5 paper. So with a bit of copying and pasting and reformatting I was able to produce the following pages which of course you can download and print for your own use.
  • International Dialling Codes - Compact version .doc .pdf 
  • International Dialling Codes - Full version .doc .pdf
  • Conversions .doc .pdf
  • Notable Dates in 2019 .doc .pdf
  • Popular Paper and Page sizes - .doc .pdf

I hope you find them useful. 

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