15 January 2019

Free For All Tuesday - No. 415

So what questions or discussion points have you got for us today?

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced user of organisers, we want to hear your thoughts, questions, opinions etc.

Make today the one day you post a comment or a question.

It is Tuesday after all so fire away.


  1. Is planner price true indication of quality in the planner world? Is an expensive brand more worthwhile and durable even? I'm a A5 ringed gal and wonder if the LV I've watched on YT is worth all the hype, not that I can ever afford one!! Thoughts, ideas and the best planner you've ever had IYHO. I know Steve said once stiching size=small=quality.Thoughts please and ideas on best planners. xxxx

    1. I would say no. There is the usual law of diminishing returns where you can spend a huge amount more yet you see very little in the way of improvement in quality.

      Another thing to take in to account is how was the planner made. Is the person selling it the person that made it? Or are they just distributing someone else's products and putting their own name on it.

      When it is the later there are several levels of profit to add to the cost to the price.

      Or if you buy direct from the company that made it you know that most of the money you spend is going in to the making of the product plus a little bit of profit for them.

      It means that a £200 product from company X is not going to be the same as the £200 product from company Y. If Y is a maker/seller then I would say that they are the better bet, if the quality is good and the design suits your needs.

    2. Luxury brands tend to spend more on middlemen, distributors, agencies and marketing. They also aim to make big profits. Their retail prices will carry a high mark-up over cost price - typically five times the production cost or more.
      So, unless the brand itself is a major factor in your decision-making, the best value for money is likely to come via a well-made product from a source where the mark-ups are less.

    3. I agree with the above answers about the price.
      I've been the filofax fan since 2012. I have recently made a leap and ordered an unknown leather binder that have blown my mind. I was able to remove the rings and add the different ones ( smaller), as well as to add the elastics to make it a TN, and even remove everything to have it just as a wallet. Although it was not the intention of the seller, (they did provide the additional rings at no cost to me (I was not aware.of it, it was a gift)), I was able to use it in 3 different ways easily, without much hustle at all!
      So, I would add, the flexibility of the usage is very important, and maybe this aspect might be the more desired feature than anything else. Maybe custom made binders are the best option, and you should consider also HOW much you could customize it, because not all companies make all kinds of customization you might want.

  2. Any thoughts on Hobonichi planners and making the move from a ring filofax? It's tempting but I've been in ring planners for 40 plus years! I'm captivated by the paper in Hobonichi though I have never actually seen it.

    1. If you just want the paper, TR paper is sold separately.
      If you want the design, I suggest to try fauxbonichi planner inserts. I made them also because I'm not happy with some features (as too shoer time line on the dailies) while i like everything else (except for the price of the hobo and international shipping cost).
      If you want to try the bound planner, there are cheaper bound planners on the market sold.
      It is a big leap from the ability to move pages to the right structure where you couldn't subtract the business and add the pages that you need to add.

  3. Thanks guys, never thought of middlemen mark ups to price. Interesting. xx