11 January 2019

Free For All Friday No 530 by Laurie

I know the holidays are the last thing anyone wants to think about right now, but I just had to share my success!

This year I managed to get all my holiday preparations, including international packages sent, in plenty of time (unlike last year where I ended up sending international packages after the holidays were over)!

Last year after being disorganized and perpetually behind, I made notes in the upcoming December pages of my Filofax with reminders of when to do things (early), what to send and when, and a 4 week countdown of preparations. I'm happy to report it worked really well!

I have already moved those holiday preparation pages forward to my December pages for this year. In addition, I have added some new notes and reminders.

Did your Filofax help you have holiday success this year?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss and/ or ask anything ring binder organizer related!

1 comment:

  1. In my information section, I have a list of everything that is needed to be done for the Christmas and New Year period with target dates. It has grown over the years and starts in September with making a Christmas cake and pudding. Next is planning family visits, presents, cards, grocery shopping and so on. I try to get most things sorted in November.

    The final entry is for New Year’s Eve - “Pour a large whisky. Put feet up. Relax”!