30 May 2019

Filofax Eton Compact - Update

In December last year I shared with you a purchase I had made on Ebay (France) as I said at the time I rarely look at eBay (too much temptation!)

I had searched for details of the Filofax Eton Compact, but I hadn't found it in any of the catalogues at all.

To refresh you memory here are some of the photographs of it. The full details are in my previous post here.

I took the Eton Compact with me to PlannerCon Europe recently in the hope that someone from Filofax could shine some light on this mystery Filofax.

I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that the Eton Compact was as I had suspected, a prototype design that never went in to production and they would have made no more than ten of them.

There followed some discussion as to how I acquired it! It was made in about 2003-4 which is a couple of years after I bought my Psion 5Mx palmtop computer.

I guess it never went in to production because for the combine bulk of the Psion plus the organiser in your pocket wasn't considered practical.

I was carrying my Fusion iPad/A5 Organiser with me at PlannerCon, the modern equivalent in a way!

I am happy to have finally discovered some more about the history of this organiser.

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