19 May 2019

What’s in my Filofax - Sally

Thank you to Sally for sending in this post about her Filofax Malden Pocket. 

Here is the setup of my Filofax pocket Malden in black.

This is a short run through of my simple Filofax setup. It is the only planner I am currently using and is easily adequate for my needs.

I have been using this planner for 2 or 3 years, it was purchased in TK Maxx for half price. This was at a time when TK Maxx in my area had a large selection of leather Filofax organisers such as the Cuban, Regency and even an Enigma! For the past few years they have only had a small selection of the cheaper ranges.

Let’s get started...

In the zip pocket I keep my contact details. The other front pockets just hold sticky notes. At the front of the rings I have two clear acetate dashboards for attaching sticky notes that I need to see when opening my planner. Behind these are my only concessions to decoration...a journal card and a vinyl dashboard.

After many trials with laminated dividers I have returned to using the cream Filofax 1-6 dividers.

These do the job perfectly well. This is to reduce bulk on the rings. I also find it easier to flick through the pages with card dividers.

Divider no.1 is my diary section. After trying many different diary formats I have finally settled on the Filofax WO1P with Notes. This provides all the space I need. I use highlighters to mark events eg. pink dot for birthdays, yellow dot for health etc. I don’t use stickers because I prefer a smooth writing surface and dislike the ‘bumpiness’ of stickers on previous pages.

Divider no.2 is for contacts. In this section I keep a few addresses and phone numbers. I also have a Filofax MO2P which I use for birthdays and anniversaries. This is not strictly necessary as I have this information in my main diary but I like being able to see the whole month at a glance.

Divider no.3 is my To Do section. This is more for long term tasks. For more immediate jobs I make a daily list and then discard it.

Divider no.4 is Christmas! A little early but this section is unused as yet. It just consists of some seasonal paper cut down from a list pad. Later in the year I will start a food list, jot down ideas for presents etc. Much nearer the time I will use a few pages to rough out the month of December and write down specific tasks on specific days.

Divider no.5 is for general notes. At present it consists of shopping lists, book lists etc. I also keep a world map in this section and a horizontal year planner which I intend to use for a decluttering project.

Divider no.6 is currently being used for spare notepaper.

I keep a top opening pocket at the back for business cards and photos.

The pockets in the back are used for postage stamps and general bits & pieces. I have occasionally put a notepad in the back pocket but this does make the planner too bulky for my liking.

The large pocket across the back is usually empty or sometimes holds random notes.

Finally, I use a mini Filofax pen.

I hope you have enjoyed this look inside my planner.

Thank you Sally for this excellent view in to your organiser. Let us see yours... please contact steve at philofaxy dot com 


  1. Nice setup. Thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks for your comment, glad you liked it.

  2. Just the necessities. Fab set up!

  3. I really like the way you have set it up! I especially like the tab for Christmas - I always admire people who have a system...Christmas always creeps up on me! Very nice!

    1. Thank you, I appreciate your comments.

  4. My kind of set up! Thanks for sharing

    1. I'm always interested in how people set up their planners, happy to share mine. Thanks.

  5. I love your functional setup.