17 May 2019

Free For All Friday No 548 by Laurie

I'm currently preparing for our trip this summer and putting together my travel Filofax! In the past when I've traveled I used a personal size Filofax. But this time I'm going with my A5 Heritage Filofax, with its stripped-down design and slim 16 mm rings (see Steve's review of the A5 Heritage here).

So far in my travel Filo I have my packing list and list of things to do before I go. I'm also bringing notes on things to see and do at our destination, contact information, and of course a map!

Before I go I'll add some blank pages for journaling, and a transparent envelope to keep tickets and small papers.

Do you take your Filofax with you when traveling? What do you put in your travel Filo?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything ring binder organizer related!


  1. Depends on where we go. Inside the US, take it. Internationally, nope. I bring a notebook.

  2. I lost a Slimline in the airport once when I was distracted by my 2 year-old. I know, I know, I was the once that should have been distracting him. So keep your planner on a leash. Forgive the formatting but can anyone add to my list of possible inserts?

    A-addresses,archive,attendance,add value (how to),apologies,anniversaries, appointments,apps (favorite)
    B-bills,books,back-up calendar,brainstorm,birthdays,bank accounts,
    C-contacts,cleaning list/sched,codes/cyphers,conversion table,camp forms,credit cards correspondence,college apps
    D-dinner plans,delegate,distribution list,downloads,data/analytics,25 documents database design,doctors info
    E-emergency contacts,exercise log,equipment inventory,entertainment plans,evacuation plans
    F-finances,first aid,favorites,firewood order,flow chart symbols,
    H-house/home,human resource dept
    I-index,important priority,insurance-auto etc,IT lans/problems,ideas-marinating itinerary,investments
    J-jobs,junk to throw out
    K-keyboard shortcuts,kids stuff,kitchen stuff,kindle purchases
    L-loans,leadership,laundry,locks and keys,lawn care,letters to write
    M-moving checklist,mileage/oil changes,medical records,music,mood board meetings,mind maps
    O-organize,office supply list,oven-clean,opportunities (biz)
    P-passwords,projects,priorities,presentations,photos to take,poems to read
    R-recipes,research,repairs,reference,restaurant guide,recycling,rebates/refunds
    S-student loans,subscriptions,shows to watch,stream,stretch goals,smoke detectors songs to learn,seasonal tasks
    T-to-do,travel plans,templates,trigger list,trash pick-up sched,tasks
    U-utility pmts,utility maintenance,user id's
    V-vehicle,vacation plans,vacuum,vision/mission stmt
    W-websites-urls,writing goals,windows cleaned,watercolor project,weather watch list (ebay),weekend plans
    X-Xerox,project X/moonshots
    Y-yearly review,year-end close
    Z-zero in on ______

  3. Generally yes my A5 travels with me on longer trips. I have my packing lists which have a 'Things to do before I go' list on the reverse side, these are available in the files area of Philofaxy.

    Any documents I need I also print off and punch, less chance of them going missing.

    I use my Filofax Travel wallet which has the facility of holding personal size pages or slightly modified A5 sheets in it too. I carry all my tickets, passport etc in this. It slips in to the long deep pocket of my outer jacket or the document pocket of my case.

    I like a routine when I'm travelling otherwise I end in a panic not knowing where things are.