03 May 2019

Free for All Friday No. 546 by Nan

Do you ever forget something even though you've written it down in your organizer? Have you set up an elaborate system of tabs, only to have things get lost behind them?

How do you keep track of important reminders?

Or course, since it's Friday, all ring-bound organizer discussion is welcome.


  1. Important reminders get written in red in my week pages. Bank Holidays are highlighted in yellow so they pop out at me. For UK folks I also use page flags from Wilko, (Wilkinsons) which have important, urgent and asap ready printed on them. They also come with little speech bubbles which I write on and use to remind me of important not to miss phone calls. This is another eye popping reminder. Honestly if I do not do this I will forget. Never have had a good memory without a planner to hand, head like a sieve since childhood. xxxx

  2. I find that the very act of writing something down helps to cement something in my brain. Helps, mind you, I still forget things occasionally though.

    1. I agree David!! My most common things to forget for me, are around the supermarket. A shopping list is essential. I have gone out for say butter or milk,or bread and come back home without the very thing I went for. It has happened so many times now,that I have lost count!! Now I have a Filofax Pennybridge purse, I am better at remembering the shopping list as it comes along with me every time. Less mishaps as I cannot forget the shopping list either!!!