20 May 2019

News from Filofax

At PlannerCon Europe in Brussels last weekend, we were fortunate to have a talk by Julia from FLB Group to give us some indications about future products. We should start to see these in the next year or so.

Coming soon is the Original model in Pocket size. Since its introduction in 2013 it has only been available in Personal and A5 size. I'm sure this additional size will be well received.

Other existing models haven't been forgotten about. The Holborn will be coming out in a new colour a dark purple. 

The Malden continues to be popular and it will be coming out in 'Iris' a pleasant purple colour.

There is a new Coral colour for the ever popular Finsbury range too.

With Filofax being established in 1921, they are starting to plan to celebrate their 100th anniversary. As part of this 'celebration' they have recreated the boxes that items were sold in back then. 

The Classic Cross will be returning, but in a slightly textured leather, but with the same stitching detail on the cover. The samples on the stand were presented in soft pastel colours. 

At PlannerCon in 2017 we were shown the 'Chester Collection' of leather organisers and other products. This was going to be exclusively available in the Japanese market only.

However this collection will be available later this year in the rest of the world, it includes organisers, folios, and travel wallets. No detail on prices but these looked very desirable organisers to own. 

The Clipbook range will be expanding with an A4 model, it will have the standard 4 ring spacing mechanism as existing A4 Filofax organisers (80 - 80 - 80mm spacing) 

A Clipbook Zip model in A4 and A5 will also be released. Even though this is a zip model it will still be able to be folded back on itself. 

The Filofax Notebooks were also featured in the talk, unlike normal bound notebooks the Filofax ones (originally based on the Miracle Bind system) allow you to insert and move pages around. The spacing is the same across the range of different size notebooks meaning that you can move pages between them. 

Letts of London has been existence for nearly 225 years and the company is credited with creating the very first diaries. The product range has recently been updated and brought up to date with modern cover colours, but retaining excellent quality paper. Our goodie bags included some samples too. 

Filofax have been taking part in PlannerCon in San Francisco earlier this year as well as events in Japan. 

Look out for announcements on all these new products in the coming months.

[STOP PRESS] Some of the new arrivals have started to appear on the Filofax UK site


  1. Chester, worldwide?! やった!凄い!

  2. Thank you so much for the news. Have there been any news about new colours for the original? Thank you!

  3. Why can’t Filofax bring back something similar to the Malden colours that were most popular?
    No red, pink, rose, black, grays??
    No-we need more stone colours, teal blues and more shades of purple.

  4. Wish they would do a decent ring sized A6 size and 35mm rings in their a5 choices. XX

  5. See Van der Spek, Filofax have said to me in the past that they would not go down the A6 route. And I doubt if they will ever use bigger than 30mm rings in A5

  6. Thank you very much for this news Steve! Can you give us any more details on the Chester line of products? I'm especially interested in an A5. Also a purple Holborn sounds very tempting!

    I'm very happy to see Letts focusing on their heritage and I look forward to seeing their new products this year!

    1. Yes you can see the Chester range on the Japanese website, linked here

  7. Thank you for this information, I'm looking forward to seeing the new products.

  8. In terms of layout, the Chester looks very similar to the picture you posted in the last few weeks in your post entitled: "Vintage Filofax Organisers, What would you buy?"

  9. Thank you Steve! Compact A5, definitely interesting!

  10. Thank you for the news Steve.
    Very good news about the Chester. Also A4 clipbook, I would definitely get a few of these.