20 November 2020

Free for All Friday No. 628 by Nan

This is the time of year that many of us start preparing for various winter holidays. Because of COVID-19, many people are not able to travel or get together with family members. Have these changes made an impact on how you use your organizer? Have you downsized because your activities are more limited? Or have you needed to move up to a bigger organizer because of having kids and other relatives at home more, online orders to track, and so on? Of course, since it's Friday, all discussion of ring-bound organizers is welcome!


  1. If I’m honest I can’t plan for anything personal. Holidays or anything to do with leisure is on the back burner. Usually, I’ve scheduled my following year by October. This year, I’m scratching my head? I have a year planner and its completely blank. I think for me, 2021 will be totally on the fly, grabbing at what I can. The best I can do, I believe, is to write a leisure wishlist, places to visit and staycations. I’m hoping and wishing my nieces wedding in Croatia in May, will happen, however, I haven’t written my niece's wedding in the year planner either.

  2. I have gone from a pocket diary to at A4 spiral. Because of more tasks at home, to make a note of. I have only written in birthdays and insurance etc dates for 2021. who knows what is going to happen. But I know it will be better than this year

  3. I have started writing possible things in pencil, like Christmas shopping out, and firm appointments in pen. Like you Jeremy, I have done a wish list. I have found planner peace in my A6 this year and am thinking now what though?? Heeee heeee!!