06 November 2020

Free For All Friday - No. 626 by Anita

Due to coronavirus, I agreed to delay my work resignation and stayed on a further five months, so I decided to take a month's break before starting in my new job. Consequently, I forgot to write what was meant to be my previous Free For All Friday post as I thought that I still had a couple of days left! (Oops and a big thanks to Steve for stepping in)

Even without the normal structure of a work week, I found that my Van der Spek was, if anything, more indispensable than ever and I realised that quite a few of my to-dos could be let go of, as they were no longer a priority to me. I admit that it felt quite liberating to make these decisions and it's definitely freed up time and energy for more important things, like spending time with my Mum and husband, or thinking about new fun hobbies to try out.  

Have you recently been resetting your priorities in your Filofax?

And as always on Fridays, please feel free to discuss anything ring bound organiser related. 
I hope that you have a good weekend and stay safe and healthy. 


  1. Some unusual linked questions from me here really, but here goes.... I am a trifle OCD over my planner and like my writing to be neat for example. Anybody else feel that way over their planner? In my OCD ways, I like to be consistent when writing appointments down. My question is, has there ever been a set your planner up grammatically and lay out correctly type post. For example when writing appointments out when do I use capital letters, colons, semi colons, hyphens, etc etc etc. Yesterday, for example, I re-printed a few pages as I found out that the word dad is not a proper noun!! Silly I know, but I just had to correct that as my basic error irritated me. So, maybe one for Steve this question. Has there been, or could we have a grammatical set up post with photos. Silly of me to be this way I know, yet I want to remain consistent and correct in my planner scripting in 2021. Thanks Steve and others for any follow up and also Anita for this FFAF. xxxx

  2. I have a second question today. Is anybody out there living or dealing with a parent with dementia? Dad is in the early stage thankfully. I am wondering how this situation impacts upon your planning? Recently, pre- lockdown I could escape to restore.... ahem, go out for a coffee or still go for a walk, as dad is ok for an hour or two as he is in the early phase. He is exhausting though, with his constant repetitive questions, shouting and easily frayed vocal outbursts which can sting!! So lockdown in England for a month is leaving me feeling a bit down. How do you cope planner wise and practically if you are facing this too? By the way, I don't want to pry into anyone's personal life, but feel any tips would be useful. Are there any hobbies you can do for a few hours, that I can try when dad is napping maybe, just to lift my spirits?? Many thanks folks. So grateful. xxxx

    1. Hiya, sorry to hear about your Dad & I agree that lockdown has been tough on carers. My Mum lives with us & has vascular dementia due to a stroke. We've been shielding since March & I definitely miss popping to our local Tesco by myself for a quick coffee with my Filofax & book.

      Caring for Mum has had a major impact on my planning & I have a Mum section in my Filofax, as otherwise my brain would've leaked out of my ears since I became her carer! I guess that also it's helped me prioritise better as her health is more important than some stuff that I've spent time on in the past.

      What do you enjoy doing?
      I will read, play games on my computer, do a jigsaw, go for a short walk (thankfully we have footpaths & a green right outside our back garden), video call with a friend, do a workout or yoga session xx

  3. Yes, it's the nipping out for a coffee and treat that I miss too. I love cooking and baking, but dad is quite controlling and won't let me cook without getting cross about it. So I have left that well alone. We tend to live on toast,all he wants to eat, but I have bought a few salads and bits of fruit to eat something healthy and tins of beans as he can cope with those on toast and tins of soup. Reading and laptop tv, and colouring in postcards for adults all calming things are what I am turning to. Like you,I have a dad section in my planner now, for meds, GP visits etc etc. I suppose meditation would be good as I find I get upset by the changes in dad. Not easy and I send you love too in this hard journey. xxxx

    1. Sending you love too! And yes, caring for a loved one definitely has its challenges, especially at the moment.

      If you're in the UK, Carers UK has regular online 'Care for a cuppa' chats which I'd recommend & I'm booked on the next one:

    2. This is so good to know. Thanks Anita. xxxx