14 December 2020

Filofax Catalogue 179

 I have catalogue 137 in my collection, this started my interest in old Filofax catalogues a few years ago and the wealth of information they contain. 

We have good reason to believe that catalogue 137 was published in 1937, therefore we are assuming that catalogue 179 was published in 1979. 

Oh to be able to go back to 1979 to a shop and see such a large range of diverse inserts on sale!

The content of these images are copyright Filofax Letts Group and they are reproduced here with their permission for education, research and non-commercial use only.


  1. It’s remarkable how little the format of the catalogue and the products themselves had changed over more than four decades.

    1. Grace Scurr is well known for having rescued the company following World War II. Joe Rider had succeeded Grace as chairman of Norman & Hill - the maker of Filofaxes - in the mid-1950s but was not one for expanding or radically changing the Filofax brand. It was only when he sold his controlling stake in 1980 to David and Lesley Collischon, that the rapid (perhaps too rapid, with hindsight) expansion took place.

  2. I just acquired the PD201. It is a yellow/orange colour. And here I see it described at "light hazel". It is marked (gold embossed) N&H with refills and warranty card from W Heffer and Sons. What a treat to see it in a catalogue. Thank you for posting the images

  3. I just acquired the PD 201. What a treat to see it here in the catalogue