17 December 2020

Dividers, dashboards and page markers - by Anita

For those of you that are familiar with my posts and set ups, you will know that I'm not one for decorating my organiser. Whilst I enjoy looking at other people's, I don't decorate as I know that it would be too busy for me to look at, plus I'd lose valuable scribbling space as well. However, I instead add some colour by using dividers, dashboards and page markers. Over the years, I've had a bit of a clear out and donated a few items, but thought that I'd share with you what I currently am using or have in my Filofax storage box.

I admit that I haven't yet used these dividers, but purchased them for something colourful that I could use in my black Kensington in the winter months. I love that they're a mixture of steampunk and the sea! Purchased from AtelierDays

I've had these ones since 2016 and they remind me of vintage newspapers and botanical drawings. I think that I've loved botanical drawings since looking at them in encyclopedias as a kid.
Purchased from CraftyAliCat.

These are a recent acquisition. I have laid them on some paper as they are transparent plastic, so this shows the colours more clearly. I love cats...
Purchased from BestyHandCraft

I have two sets of A to Z dividers and am currently using these vintage ones dated 1985. Whilst they're not colourful, I love their simplicity.

I also have these non-branded A to Z ones.

I haven't used them for quite a while, but these are my Franklin Covey multi colour page finders. They're great for when I want a bit of colour, but something plain as well.

I've been using these page markers for a while (also purchased from AtelierDays). 

I have a number of Filofax page markers, but always give away the black ones as I'm just not a fan of them. My favourite is the frosted one on the right. You can see from this photo that the transparent one on the left has yellowed with age, which is made of a harder plastic than the frosted. I have a suspicion that it's also become more brittle, so sadly I think it wouldn't take much for it to break now. 

I also have a Franklin Covery weekly compass pouch page finder, which I often use as an alternative to a dashboard or divider, as it's very handy for quick notes and sticking post it notes onto.  

After hearing about Oli Clips for years, I finally bought some and understand now as to why they're so popular. I will often use them instead of dividers, as bookmarks or for holding paperwork together. 

Here are my dashboards:
  • Slip pocket dashboard from AtelierDays
  • Valentine's card drawn by my talented hubby.
  • The sole survivor from some dividers created from an old calendar.
  • Merry Hogswatch Christmas card - I think that my hubby had these for years, no idea where they came from.
  • Godzilla and aikido (Japanese martial art) postcards.

Hmm, I didn't realised that I owned so much, so maybe it's time for a clear out! 

Here's what I am currently using:
(Since taking this photo, I've swapped to my Merry Hogswatch dashboard)

Divider for my next action lists:

Divider for my projects section:

None of the links above are affiliate links and are included as I'm a satisfied customer. 


  1. Hi Anita, thanks for this post. I also have quite a collection of dividers and page markers although recently have gone back to using cream Filofax dividers and Avery tabs. When I want more colour I have plenty to choose from!

    1. Hi Sally, you're very welcome. I don't tend to change binders much now, so it's great to have options for some variety.

  2. I love your love of colour and art. How swooningly beautiful your Valentine's card is too. On a different note, I love your Hobonichi stencil and would love to get some. Where did you get this from? Thanks in advance. xxxx

    1. Thank you! My talented hubby has painted a number of cards for me over the years, but that one is my favourite. I bought the stencil from Etsy, I believe xx

    2. Thanks Anita. Just so romantic to get hand painted gifts and cards IMO. Iwill look at Etsy for the Hobonichi stencils. Much obliged for your help. xx