12 February 2021

Free for All Friday No. 640 by Nan

One of the biggest advantages of Filofaxes and other ring-bound organizers is that you can adapt them to just about any project-management system you wish to use. 

 Lately I've been hearing a lot about a system called kanban. The name comes from the Japanese term for "bulletin board," because all projects and/or tasks are posted on a large board where everyone on the team can see them. A simple form of kanban has a board with 3 columns: projects to be done in the left column; projects in progress in the middle; and completed projects on the right. 

I was recently talking to a friend about how I often fail to feel a sense of accomplishment when I complete a task or project. My life looks like an an endless stream of daily to-do lists. He recommended a kanban system where I can see my progress at a glance. 

There is a host of apps that lets you view projects and tasks in a kanban-like format. On paper, you can use sticky notes or cards and physically move projects or tasks across columns from left to right as you work on them. 

What system are you using in your Filofax or other ring-bound organizer? Of course, since it's Friday, all discussion about ring-bound organizers is welcome!


  1. Since Lockdown I have more trivial to dos, yet fewer projects..... A Kanban board would maaybe be a silly overload addition in my life at the moment, as trivia like change the sheets seems to be too minor to Kanban as not a project and not a big deal really !!! Yet I often think what have you actually got done today?? Should we celebrate the small tasks accomplished too Nan?? And are there any Kanban template freebies out there??

  2. We extensively use an online Kanban board at work; it's not my favorite thing but it is useful. I find that it becomes overwhelming for me, so many things and it's hard for my brain to pick the most pressing thing. But it's good for collaboration.

  3. Josh,just what I was wondering,if it would be a brain overwhelm!! BTW long time no hear!!Hope you are both well.Jane. xxxxx