10 January 2022

Philofaxy Diary Inserts - Year Calendar

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I've had a couple of requests for these. They aren't created in quite the same way as our other diary inserts so please pay attention to the explanation. 

These are created from an Excel file. You can print them off directly from within the file. Or copy and paste them in to Word as the cover page for your existing diary insert. 

With the Personal size calendar you might have to tailor it to fit with your printer when printing on to Personal size page. This is because of the size of the bottom margin required on some printers. 

In 2022, you could remove the bottom row of July, August, September as there is nothing in those days. In other years you will find a clear row like this possibly in other months depending on the start day of the year etc. 

The one Excel file covers A4, A5 and Personal size just different tabs of the file, just enter the year in B4 of the 'Front Page' tab in the Excel File and then look at the other tabs for the size of your choice. 

As ever thanks to Ray at "My Life All in One Place" for sharing his knowledge with us. 

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  1. Thank you so much! You guys are the light shining the way for us newbies who get lost in the rabbit hole adventure of the plannerverse