07 January 2022

Free For All Friday No 687 by Laurie

I wrote the date for this FFAF into my Filofax back in October 2020. Steve set the posting schedule for 2021 then, and included this week's FFAF. 

Back in October 2020 as I made a note that I would be the one writing this week's FFAF, I wondered what the world would be like now. 

At that time, the UK was in the beginning of its "second wave." That was before the Alpha variant, which was more transmissible than the original virus, and Delta variant which was even more transmissible than that, were widely circulating. It was before the vaccines were available, and there was a lot of uncertainty at that time.

We have all been through a lot since then. Vaccines are widely available in many countries, but still not in other countries. The current prevalent variant is Omicron, and there is a lot we still don't know.

I apologize to everyone who prefers to keep their planner hobby free from depressing current events. I know I use my love of Filofax and other planners as an escape.

But I couldn't pass up this opportunity to reflect on what has happened since October 2020, as I wrote "FFAF 687" onto my Filofax page for Friday January 7th, 2022. I nod to my past self and reflect on all the things I didn't know would happen. 

I would love to write something about being able to weather adversity and hold onto optimism, but the reality is I have just been holding onto the side of the raft as we all thrash through the rapids, waves swirling around us, glimpses of sky as the valley walls flash by. Uncertainty is still my prevalent feeling.

I have written into my Filofax that the last FFAF that I will be the author of this year is scheduled for December 9, 2022 (FFAF 735). I wonder what the world will be like then, and what we will all have experienced by then. I hope we will all have a better year this year.

As always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything Filofax related.


  1. Ordered supplies direct from filofax but order mixup means I'm only going to get the stuff today if I'm lucky. 10 days and counting. So I've had to use a cheap, little diary for dates and my work bullet journal.

    What do you have for a filofax back up in the unforeseeable situation that you've not got the refills needed in time to get organised?

    Why didn't I buy earlier? Keep asking myself that but I can only say I wasn't very organised end last year. If only I had a tool to keep me organised....hmm!

    PS got the portable hole punch. Probably not very good but with the excellent dated templates on here I fully intend to be never be without a filofax diary section again.

    1. I fell into a similar trap. Solution? Order via Amazon. Much quicker turnaround.

      It's time Filofax took note of this poor service standard......

  2. I have some undated pages in case I need them.

  3. Thanks for your reflections Laurie